Junkrat PTR Change In A Nutshell


  • Doesnt Reduce Spam, Encourages It

  • Makes already dificult direct hits harder

  • Is not compensated for with a velocity increase

Explain why this was a logical change.


I have no good answer. sorry


Blizzard felt like the issue wasn’t the spam per se but how easy was to hit things while spamming.

Decent Riptires are unreactable if not by spreading and hoping that Who ends to die isn’t a priority target.


Show me a developer at blizzard who plays junkrat effectively who can explain why Junkrats projectile size isn’t a concern.


I just put down a reason supporting the changes.

Read the Dev Comment in the PTR changes if you want their vision on it.


And it’s clearly a poor decision based on complaints from people who refuse to pay attention to their surroundings or deal with the idea that it ALREADY takes Junkrats more skill to land their direct hits in visible combat than any other character in the game.

Junkrat already got pressed below the acceptable " Average" Pickrate (4%), and is at roughly 2.5% currently. Additionally a shield wielding, mccree stunning, shield bashing, ranged booping, health granting support was added to the game. Probably the most anti-junkrat anything since Pharah , Genji, and Tracer.


He’s 3rd most picked dps in owl.


Why do they call it spam? I seriously never understood that. Guess Orisa, Soldier, and Pharah all spam too. So annoying lol


Owl is a microcosm, Calling him the 3rd most picked DPS is redundent with that small of a pool. of the entire top 500, DVA, Tracer, and Gengi take up 50% , Just 3 characters take up most of everything, thats rediculious.


Go to target practice and compare how far you can go till you can hit a bot with junkrat, mercy and hanzo.

Now stop and think for a bit about hanzo shooting logs meme and reflect on the results.


How does this change encourage spam? He will play the same way he always has, just wont randomly hit people as often.


If you’re waiting for the day when it says “Junkrat’s projectiles now do 10 damage and Rip-Tire no longer eliminates enemies, in fact it instantly kills Junkrat upon detonation,” like you’re all praying for, I really suggest not holding your breath.

Junkrat is fine where he is.


They wanted to gut him to make reaper viable.


the old “nerf whatever genji mains whine about the loudest” strategy, never fails to make the game less fun and eventually (see 1-3 years) be over compensated when someone else complains they went too far :frowning:


Because when they make a projectile that was already very random to score direct hits with a 30% hitbox nerf, they encourage spam in the way that going for direct hits will be extremely risky and probably suicide, which means Junkrat players will now stand even further back and spam randomly.


Because decreasing the projectile size decreases the chance of a direct hit as well, so it’s not worth exposing yourself in the midrange fight for a direct hit as opposed to artillery shelling or muzzle stuffing - they actually reduced the skillful element of the character and increased his RNG, not the other way around.


honestly spam is not a bad thing.
spam means you can do a lot more damage to tanks then to non-tanks (which is a great way to counter tanks).
making it more spammy amplify that, which would normally be a good thing (if only tanks were not already in a sh*t position).


Spam isnt the only thing needed however. Any junkrat maintaining a position from plat to GM knows you HAVE to get direct hits on characters. Theres too many shields and heals now for projectiles to miss MORE. As a character he has like a 12-15% hit ratio, He cleans up on kills but only if the hit lands on someone who is low enough or isnt being shielded, which isnt often…


Aka braindead players without common sense that run into slow red glowing balls.


How they translated " people need to be more aware " to " Man its just Too hard to pay attention" is fundamentally mind breaking.