Junkrat nerfed - the buffs arent enough and ignore his main issue

I feel like every time Sym / Junkrat get changed, people who main them just kinda sit around like


I might be understanding this completely wrong but if there wasn’t any direct impact explosions and your new focus for junkrat is not denying area then what will he do? Will his grenades start bouncing off enemies/shields/constructions? Junkrat would need HUGE compensatory buffs if I understand this right. Area denial does and can work in overwatch, people just tend to walk into that area and then complain they got destroyed.

Edit for extra thoughts - Does this mean that melee, mine and ult are the only way a junkrat can take out sym turrets and baptiste invincibility field?

He… couldnt get direct hits on Anyone if they didnt explode on impact with people… They already have a timer for when they dont hit someone…

No, I meant AFTER it bounces off a wall, it can’t explode on impact with a hero anymore. I may have worded that badly

No that’s not what I meant either, it still explodes on impact IF it hasn’t bounced off a wall or the ground before

I think I just answered this, but Junkrat’s grenades would work exactly the same way unless they hits a wall or the ground

Actually the explosion timing is directly linked to the grenade’s velocity, I believe. It’s not a timer

Don’t even wish for that, Blizzard doesn’t do middle ground. Mercy players have been asking for 55 hp/s for almost a year now.

I think we probably need to ask for consistent mines.

If what Geoff said is true, then 140 is off the table. And increasing projectile hitbox has people losing their minds.

Let’s just aim for consistent mines, 120 in 1m/80 in 2m/ 60 in 3m. Maybe have it do less, if needed but just make it more consistent.

Increase the ult charge needed to maybe 20%, but we need a swift and unified buff that all Junkrat can agree on right now. Which is the consistent mines.


Oh right I understand what you mean now, I’m not sure I’d like that, it would be pretty harsh to see a fired shot just fall short of the target, bounce off the floor next to them and bounce off the enemy. I don’t know how you’d rework that into a hero that wouldn’t be a grounded version of pharah. I’d assume you’d have to change projectile speed quite a bit

I think this situation is really REALLY rare anyway. I wouldn’t know for sure tho

I think having a real timer could help be more consistent with splash damage, but it wouldn’t become easy or reliable all of a sudden anyway, so yeah I don’t know

What was it you said about mercy? Ah yes,

Junkrat is very viable, the amplification matrix is a huge buff to Junkrat. There enjoy

The stats says otherwise.

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In my games he always gets gold damage and elims, there are top 500 gm Junkrat one tricks that climb. Tire is a very powerful and impactful ultimate, he has great mobility. Like I’m just using the same logic you all use whenever I bring up my qualms with my hero. Sorry not sorry. I think baptise is a huge buff to Junkrat

The amp matrix is a huge buff to -anyone- on the other side of it. So , you have to estimate, do you use 1 character for that 1 time Amp goes up, or do you use dps characters or others who have more versatile uses at higher tiers because of kit imbalance?

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There’s only like, very few top 500 Junkrats left. And he’s like, less than 1% there.

Tire also has downsides like cast time, can be destroyed, and leave junkrat completely vulnerable afterwards. His mobility is tied to his mines, so while he has great mobility, he sacrifice his offensive mobility for it.

I’m not sure what your beef is, since this is prob my first time talking to you but Baptise is not a buff to Junkrat.

Dealing 260 seems a lot until you realize that Junkrat projectiles is slow and reactable. Whereas heroes like Widow or Hanzo can pull stuff like 600+ and 500 damage on headshot. And 240 or 250 on bodyshot at greater ranges.


Junkrat fires at a group * starts dealing some splash damage* * no one dies* * actively gets healed* * junkrat dies*

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Sorry its a bounce counter , not a timer. He can only bounce 3 times.


Immortality field also acts like a shield towards tire anyways, so it’s still negative gain if there’s an enemy Baptiste.

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And having a dps in general on your team is good for mercy and yet the op had the nerve to make a thread about what a big buff junkrats damage was for her. Taste your own medicine fellows

I think even if it’s perfect on Brig or Torb they still live cos of armour.

Not really, since it does reduction of 3 armor now?

Granted, brig MIGHT live due to self-heal though.

Besides, those two are kind of easier since their hitbox is kind of broad. So prob don’t even need the mine.

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If they are going to keep the projectile size nerf, then Junkrat at least needs a projectile speed buff.

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