Junkrat needs to be nerfed


No, running an attack Torb or Bastion on almost any map is next to throwing unless its a payload map, those 2 characters you have to build almost your entire team around to work effectively (see pirate ship). So no, this isn’t a viable option, next.

Mei, maybe in a 1v1 situation but this isn’t a 1v1 game. a Mei can’t just walk through an entire enemy team with tunnel vision into the enemy backline without encountering resistance, she’ll die before she gets there, also she does next to nothing for shield wars and her icicle is harder to hit than a Junk nade is harder to throw. So no, Mei isn’t a viable option, next.

If you’re a DPS, ANY DPS, that isn’t utilising your teams shield you’re a fool and YOU’RE doing it wrong. Yes high ground is strong, that’s why your whole team should be using it, not just you, if you’re split from your team, unless you’re a flanker, you’re an easy pick.

Yes unfortunately the lower you go from Diamond the lower the mechanical skill is, that’s not me being mean that’s just straight up fact, I used to be in Silver, I know what the hitscan are like there they’re the exact reason Junk dominates in those tiers, THEY CAN’T HIT HIM. People below high plat just don’t have the mechanical skill necessary to utilise high skill cap heroes like Hanzo/Widow/Mcree/Tracer properly to get any value out of them. Meaning, if you’re a sniper main in Silver, more likely than not you have bad aim and your aim is probably whats keeping you there. Sorry, not sorry.

Your team can run a Junk, that doesn’t change the fact that he’s overpowered, sure utilise a hero when they’re in an OP state, that’s what they did with Mercy, just because your team has the option of picking a hero doesn’t suddenly make that hero not OP, and trust me Junk is OP, he offers far to much on every single front of gameplay damage/crowd control/shield battles/1v1 situation/mobility with next to no draw backs, that’s why he needs a nerf.


It was the same for the first few months of the game with Hanzo. People didn’t know how to counter or avoid his dragons and kept calling for a nerf.


And yet, we got the pickrate stats and its clearly shown he falls out of favor from plat onwards in favor of other reliable heroes.

Junkrat appears on the top 10 list below plat the most but other than that, he doesn’t makes the list onwards.

I’ll share a bit of my experience as a diamond, if you think Junkrat is unfair, I can assure you that Tracer is even more unfair because of how insane the value she gets. This is maybe just diamond to low master tracers, the GM tracers are even more crazier and insane. The OWL basically highlights the utter peak of what Tracer can do.

Junkrat is now a gatekeeper, much like how bastions/sym/torb and even Pharahs are now. If you don’t learn or polish the necessary skills to deal with them, prepare for the consequences.


LOL what are you talking about.

On both Overbuff and Master Overwatch stats show that over all tiers in the last 6 months Junkrat has been the highest picked DPS. Don’t know where you’re getting these stats from.

Tracer might be unfair in Diamond plus but that’s 15% of the player base, if Tracer is OP for 15% of the player base then Junkrat is OP for the other 85%.

This, Junk is a gatekeeper stuff it just pure BS. Having a character in an OP state then justifying it by calling him a ‘gatekeeper’ is nonsense. That’s like say “Well, pre nerf Mercy is the gate keeper, if you can’t polish your skills to counter her before she res’s prepare for the consequences” It’s pure BS, Junks kit makes him OP, his damage makes him OP, the fact he takes no self damage makes him OP. He needs a nerf.


Did I say every instance? Don’t think so.

You have been talking about counter play this whole time, now the one hero that requires less mechanical skill than Junkrat that can take him on 1v1, isn’t viable because she can’t get to him on the back line? If you’re playing a Junkrat that stays on the back line, he’s not doing much but a little area denial. If that’s the case, then any long range hero will work well enough to keep him locked down.

You just said:

So, is Orisa on point, or does she have high ground? Can’t do both. Junkrat is severely limited hunched behind a shield. If he’s not flying through the air, flanking, or trying to get in your face, he’s not being effective.

Yeah, you realize I have the same weapon accuracy with McCree as you do, right? That’s going by competitive accuracy, because I know QP accuracy averages from day one, and I don’t think many people knew how to aim then.


Here’s the stat I got from Blizz thmself.

He drops off at plat and the middle.

If people can learn not to stand in front of bastion, widow, deny the high ground of Soldier 76, and shoot torb turret. Consider me quite unlikely to sympathize as Junkrat when lives to punish the enemy players basic mistake.

Mercy pre-nerf was legit OP when she DOMINATED almost every category, including every game of Overwatch.

Junkrat at his strongest was still only top 5 among the dps, only shadowed by soldier/mcree/Genji/Tracer who had a far greater pick rate than him. He’s hardly OP, if anything, he should be the standard of how a hero should be balanced.

He has strength, good in his niche in denying area but still has both hard and soft counters, yet rewarding enough when polished.


Well if a Junk is good in every instance but Torb and Bastion aren’t then they’re not good counters are they mate.

Just because she takes less mechanical skill with ONE of her abilities doesn’t make her viable. A Junk in the backline can still get value though, a Mei can’t. Even if Junk isn’t in the backline he sure AF shouldn’t be on the fronline, yet a Mei WOULD have to be on the frontline (which she shouldn’t be if you play Mei correctly) to get to him, so still, NO, Mei isn’t a viable counter.

^^^also tell me how a Mei is supposed to freeze someone flying through the air.

Yes, meaning, when HE’S WITH HIS TEAM, which he should be. It doesn’t matter if she’s on point or high ground, as long as shes with the Junk my point still stand true.

You do realise I’m not a Mcree main…I’m a Tracer and Pharah main. You realise that your Tracer accuracy is 22% and mines 39%. So yea, big difference, your point is null.


Love how people think sites like Overbuff are accurate :smile:


No one said he was good in every instance.

That’s her MAIN ability, and it just got a buff. Plus, she can self heal and wall off his damage. She’s probably the closest thing to a hard counter in the game.

Very little when there’s no rooms or choke to spam. Junkrat is best in mid/close ranges. That’s what he is made for. If he’s further away than mid, his damage is almost 100% avoidable. Or should be, at least, if you and your team aren’t just a bunch of donuts.

She doesn’t have good value that far out, but she’s not entirely useless. Her Ice Wall and Icicle can be useful, plus she can peel for supports.

Happens all the time.

No, he really shouldn’t be hunkered behind a barrier. He has the best value when he moves around.

I’m not either.

Oh, you’re going by quickplay stats. I was going by comp, because we’ve both used McCree in comp. Just wanted to use it as a comparison.


Yes all those can do that, but thats a big “if” the person is good enough and two of them require full charges and great accuracy. Junkrat can literally just spam at walls and get 120 bodyshots. Reaper and torb is only when u land all pellets. I just think its rediculous he can consistently do that damage without aiming and no damage fall off, nor self inflicted.

As for the crits, ive seen crits happen with a bomb headshot multiple times now. But maybe im loosin my mind and it dnt. Possibility with this game


No, but he’s good in MOST instances. That being the point, that if a character is good in almost every instance they’re probably OP.

LOL a Rein can wall off his damage too, does that make Rein a good Junk counter? Main ability or not he still has the ability to throw a mine in her face or at his feet to get away and if she ices up to self heal he can do the same thing to get away, plus she has to be SUPER CLOSE to even use her main abilitiy on him…

^not very ideal with one of the best close range characters with the highest dealing damage in the game hey.

Seeing as the game is mainly made up of chokes to spam (see every 2CP map/payload/hybrid map) it doesn’t really matter if he’s in the backline or not, he’s still good. It’s not 100% avoidable if your team is pushing as a group though is it, because unless your team are a bunch of ‘donuts’ as you put it they should be pushing together. TEAM game, remember…

LOL not ‘entirely useless’ just next to useless, theres a reason Mei is one of the lowest picked characters in the game, and no, Mei freezing flying characters doesnt happen all the time, lets leave the realm of you just straight up mkaing things up can we, k thanks.

Also you realise that comparing the stats of 2 vastly different skill tiers is next to useless right. Having a 3.0K/D in Bronze with Mcree doesn’t mean that that same Mcree thrown into a Masters game would have a 3.0K/D, that’s not how it works…


How does Junkrat gain fast ult? Junkrat gains his ult fast by inflicting massive amounts of damage and getting kills in a short window. This commonly happens when the enemy is grouped up and has no defence to the nades.
What will greatly reduce the speed at with Junkrat gets his ult? By not taking nade damage smart feet will set you free. You can also use a dva to eat nades/mines or a rien/orisa shield to block some more. Most teams have 2 tanks and I just gave 3 to slow down ult charge easy. You wanna kill the guy now. Pharah/76/Mcree/Widow/Genji/Reaper/Sombra/Tracer/Roadhog/Zarya + the other tanks can all get the job done. Most teams have 2 dps I just gave you 8 + tanks


It doesn’t take great accuracy to hit body shots. The main reason you see crappy Hanzo and Widow players is because they’re trying for headshots. The secret to both is to not aim for the head, because it’s better to two shot someone, than to shoot five times and never kill anyone.

Sure, if you’re dumb enough to chase the glowing red balls.

All. Most. Doesn’t matter that much. Torb’s primary fire would only take three shots, unless he got a headshot. Plus, Reaper’s shotgun blast can crit with a huge spread.

You didn’t.


Type-Arcing splash projectile
Damage-Direct hit: 120
Splash max: 80
Splash min: 12.5
Spread angle-Pinpoint
Projectile speed-17.5 meters per second
Area of effect-2 meters radius
Rate of fire-1.66 shots per second
Reload time-1.5 seconds


Don’t equate map with situation. Sure, he’s good on most maps, but having a Pharah on the enemy team diminishes his effectiveness considerably. When you see a Junkrat dominating a game, you switch your comp around to compensate. There’s a reason he’s not in top ten picks past plat, and that’s because those players know how to counter play.

Pretty decent if the Rein knows what he’s doing.

In which case he’s not being effective when he’s trying to get away.

And what makes her effective against him is that she can’t be killed by his combo unless she gets hit by two grenades then his mine. Same with Reaper, actually.

Team doesn’t always mean huddled together trying to push through the same area. Sniper on high ground to counter bombs and rockets. Your own Junkrat firing into their defenses. D.Va to dive the JR, which she can delete fairly quickly now.

Yes, because everyone tries to emulate the pros as much as they can. That doesn’t mean she’s not good.

I never said it happens all the time, just that it’s a thing that can be done. And with a little practice, it’s pretty effective, as you can start freezing a JR before he hits the ground.

I didn’t mention K/D. I said accuracy. You don’t have to be a good player to have decent accuracy, but that accuracy is good against Rip-Tires, because it’s a large target. Even bad players can hit it.


Map is situation though, because your comp is often dictated by the map your on, yet Junkrat seems to fit pretty much every map and be effective. LOL you still don’t get it, sure Pharah counters him, but he counters EVERYTHING ELSE, this is what you don’t get, Junk is effective against most things in the game, what other character is as good as Junk in almost every situation, tell me, what character is as good at not only crowd control but can also deal as much damage as him, shield break quicker than him, be as mobile as him and be as good at 1v1 as him ALL AT THE SAME TIME? Let me answer that for you THERE ISN’T ONE. He’s the only one that can do all of that all at the same time, it’s ridiculous.

No, a decent Rein isn’t a Junk counter, I mained rein to Diamond S5, Junk counters him every time, next.

“Isn’t being effective” neither is the Mei though is she if she’s not killing him?! Yet the Junk still offers more than she does, and because he’s more mobile, can easily escape her and find his way back into a position where he is being more effective than her.

Again, THEY HAVE TO BE CLOSE TO HIM. He’s better at area control than both of them! To counter him THEY HAVE TO BE THE BETTER PLAYERS! How is it fair that to counter him, every single person that has to be a vastly superior player just to counter a mediocre player on an OP hero?

No it doesn’t mean huddled all the time, but when they are huddles (deathball) Junk melts them, and when they aren’t huddled (dive) Junk melts the divers because he’s one of the best anti dive characters in the game, either way he’s still at an advantage no matter what the situation.

Sure, its something that ‘could happen’ but the question is, is it likely to happen? The answer being no.

And as I said before it’s still not comparible, the game changes the higher you go, player movement changes, a Gold Genji doesn’t move the same way as a GM Genji, things are harder to do the higher you get, so even a stat like accuracy isn’t comparible.

TBH this is idiotic. You play at one of the very lowest skill tiers of this game which shows your complete lack of understanding of how this game actually works at its most fundamental levels so there’s really not point in debating you about it. the points you make are so insanely obscure and niche that 99% of the time they’re inapplicable. I’ve explained to you and proved why your so called counters aren’t actually counters so no need to carry on with that.

The fact of the matter is Junk takes far less skill to use than it takes skill wise to counter him, that alone is justification enough for a nerf, never mind the fact he takes zero self damage where every other character with similar abilities does AND that he’s deals the highest amount of burst DPS in the game with 0 mechanical skill.



His ultimate needs to get tuned down one way or another. Makes no sense how it has something like a 90% kill rate in the pro scene. Literally impossible to defend against if used properly.


Come back when you can consistently keep a positive winrate(of at least 54%) with Junkrat for 8 srason straight, most of those seasons mid Diamond

In other words, bye bye(since you’ll never be able to)


so let me get this straight. you acknowledge that junk isnt that OP, but because of your low level of ability (not attacking you) you want them to nerf a character? nerfing should be for legitimatly overpowered chars. if they took every whine about a character, then every character would be nerfed and unnerfed. i recommend getting better and maybe you wont feel the way do you.


For those of you looking for hard counters to Junkrat, other than Pharah, Winston, Roadhog and Moira are annoying as hell to take care of. Winston’s got a decent range weapon with a shield you have to move around while he jumps circles around you. Roadhog is by far the most dangerous - his ability to move while healing where he could not before means he can easily outdamage Junkrat and kill him. Moira is dangerous because she can combo with her damaging beam and a purple orb to make mincemeat out of you.

I main Junkrat, so I should know the characters he’s weak against.


While not as strong I’d add Reaper and mei are also strong against him