Junk/Hog charity skins in support of Australia's fire - r/Overwatch

Massively popular post on r/Overwatch. Over 80 awards. 60,000+ upvotes. Thought it deserved to be seen here. Blizzard, you could easily make these skins and it could do a lot of good.


That would be so amazing. What’s happening in AU is absolutely terrifying.


I know! It could be just like the pink mercy skin. I cant believe this topic hadnt been posted here yet.


I’d buy in a heartbeat tbqh.


Lore wise, I think Junkrat would personally love seeing massive waves of fire.

Anyway, I think it would be nice to see firefighter skins for them to raise for charity (complimenting Mei’s firefighter skins as well) but do you know why I don’t think it would be done? Because it’s not “cool” enough as breast cancer research.

Strictly looking at the numbers, breast cancer research receives an extraordinary amount of funding and support from big businesses. They receive so much money, the breast cancer charities have nothing reasonable to spend it on, and legally can’t give it away.

I don’t want to get too much into the topic, but a big business supporting breast cancer research is just for PR. I don’t think any company for that matter would look at the ecological issues in Australia as an opportunity to make themselves look good in the eyes of the public, despite it being a serious issue. It’s really all about how it’ll benefit the company in the end, and I don’t think the fires in Australia is going to prompt anything other than a tweet that says “We here at Blizzard express our condolences for our players and families affected by this event.”


Let’s just hope that this time all the proceeds will go to the cause and blizz won’t try to pull some “Up to X amount of money will be donated” bs did with wow.


Junk and hog fire fighter skin and I will buy it to help from France.
Reminder the fire burn till September non stop.


No questions asked. If they announced they were in the pipe line I’d even preorder the skins.


I love playing both junkrat and hog, so i would def buy skins if they got them

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Can they do a charity skin with MEKA being a firetruck and D’Va being a fireperson ?


I, too, would like everyone who contributed work to do so without being paid. Nothing more people like than working for free, right?

As great as the idea is, people don’t seem to get that this isn’t something they’re likely able to just “whip up” in a matter of days. The Pink Mercy breast cancer research event likely took months of planning and work.

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You do realize that the amount of money they make of such skins is no way proportional to the amount of work it took to make the skins? On top of that the artist probably doesn’t see even 1% of what the sales made.

I honestly don’t understand people like you side with blizzard in such situations. They created a limited item(can’t recall wat it was) and advertised is as a way to found a cause, but in reality they just kept all of the money after “x” amount for themselves. Such actions are are immoral, scummy and deceitful.

Why do some people have an urge to defend greedy corporations at every opportunity they get? No, really, why? I don’t get it.


With how the fires have been, I am sure they will still need money months from now to recoup.

Idk what you are referencing, but the pink mercy skin funds went 100% to BCRF.


Junkrat and Roadhog are the last characters that should get a skin for this.

I’m not talking about the mercy skin rn, but about a world of warcraft “money raising” thing blizz pulled last year

Every pet / mount that has been for charity Blizzard has put all the money they said they would toward the charities (and usually my favorite one - make a wish)

If they were greedy as you state they are, then they would have pocketed most of the money for the BCRF charity too. That’s 12.7millionUSD straight to charity-- doesn’t seem greedy to me.

The BCRF charity happened way before the wow events. And forwarding all of the donated money to the intended charity does not mean they are not greedy.

There are plenty of examples of blizzards greed and scummy behavior.

If a bank robber doesn’t mug a granny in an alleyway, that doesn’t suddenly make him a good person.

Just make sure it dosnt go into the pockets of some already way to rich dudes.
But how the system works, it will most likely go into the pockets of them.