Junk/Hog charity skins in support of Australia's fire - r/Overwatch

I disagree. I think donating money to foundations when they didn’t have to to begin with is definitely a sign of not being greedy.

You honestly sound kinda salty for whatever reason. Perhaps Blizzard Entertainment isn’t the company for you? Maybe spend your time elsewhere, and give your money/time to a company you don’t find greedy.


Only problem, they aint donating anything.
Its us who buy the skins.
So yah, idk on the not so greedy part.

IIRC, Blizzard matched donations for the Pink mercy event. Way better than the scummy “donate $1” at cash lines. That’s greed.

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My GF (Who has asthma) is in the path of said fires and smoke.

I’d buy the skins twice over without a second thought.


If i didnt missed anything in my translation there is no word of it in the post.
And i dont think they would miss an oportunity to look good.

Oh my god that sounds awful -.-’ From what I read, the smoke is equivalent to inhaling 30 cigs a day.


Yea, it’s not good by any means. And she’s having a hard time even indoors.

I would love a chance to donate through this game, especially since i would know where my money is going.

I’ve “donated” what money i can directly to her, actually.
(I don’t have a stable income at this time, so it’s all i could do.)


I’m pretty sure I remember reading it, but I also have been involved with a lot of twitch charity that stated they’d match, so I could be getting confused with it.

However, I still don’t see what the problem is-- Blizzard manufactured tshirts and spent their money on making a platform for people to buy and donate to a charity. Doesn’t seem greedy to me.

You are welcome to not agree with me, but I just don’t think it’s fair to call people greedy when they literally raised 12.7million for charity. If Blizzard is greedy for doing this, then I guess most of the charity work nowadays is :man_shrugging:

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Players were the ones actually donating the money, albeit for a reward. As far as i know blizzard hasn’t contributed anything other than providing an incentive to give money.

And again, i’m not using the breast cancer event as an exaple of their greed. The event was actually a good thing. That however does not cancel out their other greedy actions(like the wow founding thing, firing hundreds of employees with almost no notice in their most profitable year or bending the knee to china etc).

Yeah, i am salty. I’m salty because a once-great company that i grew up with has turned into a money-hungry machine that just pumps out mediocre content filled with microtransactions and ruins it’s previously existing worlds.

No, underpaid and overworked chinese or vietnamese worker manufactured T shirts. Blizz just ordered them to some cheap prices of less then a dollar a shirt.

No being gready would be to give money themself and not ask the comunity to buy stuff or not laying of workers even tho they have increased income.

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I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree. I don’t find it greedy :man_shrugging:

We’re also off topic AF right now. I’d rather get back to speaking about the fires which are literally destroying a whole continent in hopes of getting attention to it.

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Don’t think a lot of people would buy for heroes like Junk and Hog. They’d need to do it either for Mercy, D.va or more popular heroes even if it would make more sense with Hog and Junk considering their nationality.

Hey, I’m the OP from Reddit. Was asked to add the link here to the original post there, and I have done so.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t think it would get this level of reaction.

You can count with my axe!

Blizzard come on and do this it would be amazing.

Brought it up yesterday but it didn’t get much traction.

It’s good to see the level of support though.

Even if they don’t have time to make a couple of skins, a few sprays of them fighting fires would be enough.

His an explosive nut, not a pyromaniac.

And Roadhog is New Zealand (I could be mistaken) with an Australian residence. It wouldn’t seem out of character anyway since a lot of skins aren’t lore based in anyway.

junk likes exploding stuff.

not burning stuff.

doesnt matter. still benefiting a great cause. and iirc all the profit went to foundation none to their pockets. (which is even bigger yay)

Yes, hit me with that!

Really, really love this idea! I hope Blizzard acts upon it! I know skins take a lot of work and would take some time, but what a cool cause!

I kinda have to agree though that Junkrat is the most suited candidate, but a firefighter skin just doesn’t suit him. But I maybe if his country needed the help I can see it better.

Either way, even it’s just a really cool Junkrat skin for the cause, that would be so awesome! Maybe bring back the streaming rewards too? Like Pink Mercy had?

Something to think about Overwatch Team, but you’ll definitely have a guaranteed donation from me for it! I don’t even play that much Junkrat! :smiley:

Saw this post on reddit and glad i can see it here on the forums, thank you. the fires here in australia are terrible and arent being talked about enough so something like this from blizzard would go a long way in helping, lets hope they see this :slight_smile:

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