Junker Queen sexuality

So from the hype of pride month just passing and the fact that blizzard has been attempting to integrate more open sexuality into the game/world of overwatch, I personally from what I’ve seen of her/them I have a slight feeling that they would be bisexual. I feel either that or pansexual yet that might be a stretch since we all mostly know that they can’t stand omnics like the rest of junkertown. I felt like just getting the opinion of others and I’d love to get this post seen. Let’s get us a bisexual hero in this game woo!

New account, 12 posts only, yep.


Technically soldier could be Bi. We do know he had romantic relations with a man but he’s never outright denied being interested in women.

I honestly kind of feel like junkerqueen is asexual if anything.


ok… but ow is not a dating sim


He was confirmed to identify as gay.


I mean I’m not stating it as a dating sim I’m more saying it in a inclusivity sense, if they were to declare themselves as bi or pan that would give blizzard some further “points” in the LGBTQIA+ communities. Plus it would add further lore to the OW universe

Nightlegend- I’ve played overwatch since the ogs open betas I’ve just had little reason to post on the forum especially on this account (I own 3 lol)

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as of this writing, the first 4 top topics in the lore section of the forum are about the sexuality of the heroes of OW. it is recommended in the future not to be too indignant if then blizzard tends to “force” the LGBT argument on heroes, evidently people are okay with investigating about it :man_shrugging: sometimes I miss a little bit the curiosity about the narrative …

on junkerqueen I don’t think there are enough elements other than the same stereotypes that have always been around for Zarya (muscles = male tendency) it certainly helps to note that physically Junkerqueen takes up the style of WoW’s ogre warriors. Blizzard is already very familiar with this type of sturdy build on women but it has never constituted the imposition of a sexuality on the physical stereotype, contrary to how the OW community has always speculated for Zarya (especially in 2016, when rumors of a LGBT character did not imagine it to be Tracer).

However, we have some confirmations that this type of strong woman is appreciated by Junkrat (she makes a lot of advances to junkerqueen and Zarya in the voicelines), but Junkerqueen rejects him because … well, he’s still Junkrat, annoys. rather, I don’t really know the relationship between Mako and Junkerqueen, whose ties could involve life in Junkertown in the war against the Omnics (or something more serious). but the presumed age difference could counteract the love interest (but not impossible).

Currently LGBT ships with Zarya are quite normal, there may actually be some interaction about preferring Omnic destruction. thinking about it now, it is very strange that we do not have a crossover junker skin for zarya like that of d.va (even if canonically not linked to Junkertown :thinking:).

Finally we need notice the Junkerqueen’s ego. it is very evident in the cinematic, origin and voiceline that she aspires to be a “legend”. this does not exclude a simple asexuality, not interested in having a partner.

And if then people are ready to confirm a furry trend for accepting hammond among the junkers (:rofl:) … legitimate to think so but I don’t know if we are ready for such an atypical official confirmation :sweat_smile:

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Yeah, I believe Junker Queen has huge “bi energy” as well.
I love her so much.

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Junker Queen likes the D.

I know pretty bold of them to release a CiS Gendered Heterosexual right?


Why does that even matter? I don’t play over watch to have sexual fantasies I play it because it’s strategic and fun, am I the only one??


everyone is a little :mango: :watermelon: :cherries: :pear: :pineapple: :kiwi_fruit: unless proven otherwise


Her sexuality is Australian.


She is a D-lover all the way. Funny that people think because a woman is tough and spunky or cut/buff that she simply must be Bi or Gay or whatever they want to call themselves this year and so on. Simply not true. I’m sitting on her being a straight Australian who doesn’t care about her sexuality (like all you weirdos who sweat over who pixels on a screen want to sleep with, should do) because she’s a friggin’ queen of the sun-baked apocalypse.

We have enough unconventional sexualities tainting this game, anyway.


Woman? My friend, have you seen those shoulders? That is a man.

speak for yourself friendo

I see her as a man-hating feminist due to some of her voice line. Like junk rat and roadhog, I believe she isn’t in her right mind, nor should she be dating anyone, her sexuality isn’t a concern, her sanity is.

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Have to say I love that the debate isn’t “She’s Bi” “She’s Straight.”

It’s “Could she be on the spectrum because of X, Y and Z factors?”


“She Loves men, how dare you!”

Very amusing that the debates always get framed as one vs another but they almost never are, they’re open questions with people who are actually hung up on the issue demanding a certain answer.

As for my actual take on her. I think there’s some level of distrust in men. As Phrog mentioned about her voicelines. Also, she specifically and proudly points out if the match is starting with an all female lineup.

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Oh she has a really good reason to hate junkrat and roadhog, they blow up her summer shack and are literally trying to kill her with a payload bomb. I mean, would you really be head over heels over someone trying to kill you?


Speak for yourself man

Can we please stop the sexualization of every dam hero in this game? At this point every single character has been trasnsified. Only one left is winston and hammond let them identify as a helicopter


My N*. Never met someone as smart as you for a while now