Joining game fails and leads suspended

Topic. why there is no time to rejoin mach when this occurs? its just dumb becose there is hero selecting perioid and mach starting perioid but if joining fails there is no time at all, instand susspend.

The game will cancel the match immediately if you fail to load into the server. This is for the benefit of all remaining players in the match so they don’t have to play with someone with an unreliable connection. Please make sure you to stop playing Competitive Play when this happens and work to sort out any connection issues.

its not my connection, happens with optical fibre. This happens instantly after game is found before character selection, 2-3 secs.

There can be a wide variety of reasons, not necessarily your connection to your ISP, but how your ISP is connecting to the data center. Presuming you have completed the guide I have linked above, I recommend now testing your connection route to the game server by running a WinMTR test.

5-15sec time to be able to rejoin would negate a wide variety of reasons why this is happeing, that would not ruin anyones game experience. Quite opposite it would be quality of life experience. There is also some kind of timer at start of match that will terminate match if people leave or disconnet after choosing hero(allthougt this time seems to act really odd, sometimes very short or long).
Current system just seems to be more flawed than it really should be. One good expample is that u get kicked out of game, u are able to join instantly back but u still get suspended. In this scenario why would anyone would like to finish game when u are allready got penalty?

To clarify players get a penalty if…

  • They fail to connect at the start of the match by the time the “Prepare to Attack/Prepare your defenses” phase begins or if they leave at any time before dealing any damage or healing. The match automatically cancels in this case as a benefit for the remaining team members so that they do not have to play a person down from the start of the match.
  • If the above condition is not fulfilled, a player will be penalized if they leave and fail to return within two minutes of total game time (including any breaks between rounds), even if they return and win the game. A player will NOT be penalized and will continue normally if they do return within two minutes.

These rules are more designed for the benefit of the remaining players rather than the disconnecting player. It is more important if you encounter an issue, to try and finish the current match, but then not immediately requeue for an new Competitive game until you take the time to do the troubleshooting. Unless you can provide more details about your connection issues such as performing a WinMTR test, there is nothing more that we can do.

Details on Blizzard Policies regarding Competitive Penalties:

so why there cant be similiar concept when failling to join game during match startup and would be able to rejoin in 10-20secs, that beats me.

This type of penalty is there to avoid queue dodgers. In old competitive First Person Shooters, people could fake tech issues to avoid certain teams or players. There’s no way to tell the difference between someone who disconnected intentionally and an accidental DC

This is true but game could still be canceled. If this person repeats after first max 20sec rejoin timer and leaves again just cancel macth, problem solved.

And now, when i ve got 2 days whitout suspended i recived 8h suspend from first failed to disconnect, GG. unistalling.