Jayne just called out Teleporter for being bad

Changes to TP

Version1: Instant deployment with enhanced durability, wider player interaction radius and permanent status (until destroyed or replaced)

Version2: TF2 style—build entrance and exit separately. Infinite duration and distance with, “charges,” that replenish over time to prevent continuous enemy flow.

Version3: modular place holders. Deploy a base structure that can have multiple functions. It can either be a Shield Generator or a Teleporter dependent on key presses (like Moira’s orbs) with teleporter only functionality when two charges are placed.

Sym 1.0 we need you back :sob:

note: I never play sym, but sym 1.0 was such a good concept compared to today

Edit, she did need shield generator, but not projected photon barrier, that was lame


Theres not enough ammo in syms gun to justify having a ramp up, as soon as you can actually start doing work with a fully charged beam you have to reload, by which point the target has escaped or been healed.

It also wouldn’t hurt if she had power charge metre/counter like zarya.


I personally never thought of 3.0 tp as a bad, terrifying ability. It’s just that it feels as though Blizzard made everything else about her bad just because she has it. Which overall makes Symmetra kinda garbage.

Preach, baby
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This would actually make it pretty useless since Symmetra herself has no mobility to get to places. She would be a worse Lucio at that point.



lol one person says something so its automatically fact.


1.0? Do you mean 2.0, which was the version with Shield Generator and moving Photon Barrier.

1.0 was the weakest version of Symmetra. Photon Shields was useless, her turrets took to long to get back and TP wasn’t good on last point defense.

Well, at least that means it’ll be fixed now. Right?

It can give you a boost in just walking distance.

A team with the ability to utilize teleporters effectively will especially in the OWL find a team just as efficient at turning it into a disadvantage.

Teleporter is a fantastic idea.

Blizzard just severely undertuned Teleporter (and Sym as a whole) since their last two reworks in Hanzo and Mercy had been ridiculously OP.



Just throwing ideas and seeing what sticks.

I remember that the devs said they tried this (before the rework).

Just need to remove/reduce that atrocious delay … it really is quite disgusting…

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oh yeah, shield gen was needed cuz what you said

photon shields were cool, shoulda been deployed automatically just by being close to her

and just let her get her turrets back a little faster.

I thought that stupid shield she threw was stupid

Teleporter coming right up!

Now say that in Indian accent.
My god I am doing it in my head and I can’t stop giggling.



Her gun does have an indicator though that lights up. And it makes a distinct click when it cools down.