I vote for Hero Pools removal, either balance your heroes correctly and remove Hero Pools/Bans or go down hill and destroy your game even more.

And goodluck with the queue times on the next few days, which will be 20-40% higher :slight_smile:


role q increased the q time more than the hero pool will just saying

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They could fix the queue time by balancing heroes correctly, instead of banning heroes and the endless same boring maps, over and over again.

I just can’t understand that they see this as a “Solution”, I see it more as a troublemaker.

I vote for the removal of Hero Pools, Map Pools, and most importantly, forced 2-2-2 Role Queue.



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Remove map pools…they do nothing

Keep the hero pools where they belong - OWL and maybe upper brackets

Not 222 removal BUT we need other options besides just that (the forced part is the part I take issue with)

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You are all disgusting boosted Ana/Rein otp. All the skill you gathered in this 4 years is charge ult, press q, rinse and repeat. Oh, and cc stun, antiheal and ridicolously impactful rein 1v1. Sooo fun bro.