It's official - same old broken matchmaking in OW2

Still literally impossible to have ANY affect on the outcome. The math is PRE-DETERMINED before it even starts. Worst five players on one team, best five players on the other. Every. Single. Match.

One team steamrolls without any resistance, the other team can’t even get out of spawn. Every. Single. Match. Without exception.


Had a comp game where our Torb set up outside the enemy spawn and just babysat his turret the entire round. :smiling_face_with_tear:


same. I don’t care about my rank to be honest. I just want a fun and balance game where 2 teams are fighting at a similar level to win.

I can’t do that in qp, I thought I’ll get good matches in comp due to our mmr matchmaking. but no, every single game there will be a clueless player (new players) waiting to be carried.

cmon blizzard. pls fix this.


That’s called snowball. Whenever I do well in the first fight, we steamroll them, when I don’t we get steamrolled. The stats then are really one-sided, but it’s really just that.


Just dont buy any of their stuff and dont give them money. They’ll change


What nexateonic said. The rate of fully regrouping is so drastically low, the match tends to lean more and more towards who wins the first fight. The first dead begin straggling in without grouping while their still alive teammates don’t retreat. They become ult fodder. Then you spam regroup and pin a location to the point that it sometimes actually happens, at which time the other team is full of ults. This defines the solo que experience.


i have only had one sided games for the past 5 games; the enemy team steam rolls and my team doesnt even comm or try. its so frustrating that i might just have to stop playing for a little bit, no more fun in this ranked system.


I’ve been seeing these a lot and Torb being my goto for the dps role and me knowing how to shoot my gun, watching a Torb hammer away at his turret during team fights is infuriating.


I think they should try a mode where you pick your hero prior to joining. I know the game isn’t balanced for that right now so they may need to make changes to heroes to accommodate this mode.

Picking prior to entering means separate mmrs per hero, which gives you the following benefits:

  • More accurate matchmaking
  • Lets you try out a new hero without throwing the game
  • Fewer alt accounts for the above reason

hm, that’s kind of interesting you could allow changing hero’s if the hero they change to is within 1 rank of the current hero or something. Honestly though for me the best part would be being able to progress different heroes without the fear of throwing the game cause ya unranked solo queue I think is even worse.

I feel like it’s more like forced streaks. One day you play like crazy and win 7 games in a row, the next day you play like crazy and it does not matter. It’s not like you get better enemies because you climbed and therefor lose, no, it just feels like you get teammates that are way below their actual rank, have a bad day or pick heroes they can’t play. It’s like „oh, this person won 7 games in a row last session, let’s put them into a game with a person that left his last 3 games and another that plays their least played heroe for their last games“. That’s really annoying. I just don’t care about my rank anymore, I play for fun and try to improve, no matter what the rank shows.


Sounds to me like you’re not able to affect the outcome.

I affect it very much. Try going afk in a game and see what happens (disclaimer: don’t. but it should be obvious that you will lose a high percentage of those games).


I was playing comp and i accidentally kicked my extension cord power off, and when i tried to rejoin the game everyone else from my team got disconnected and lost a game bc of that.

I know how you feel. My partner and myself both play support and generally work well together, often getting thanks and compliments for being good healers. Of course, supports are only as good as the team they are supporting.

We got into a game where we had a Zara, Bastion and Solider on our team, and all had zero kills on the first round. Naturally we were blamed for not keeping them alive, never mind they couldn’t aim, or just ran around, not firing, and spending the time emoting.

Nothing we could do would help the situation, and we just got completely stomped on, with the enemy team outside our spawn as our team ran out one by until the match was over.

And this has been happening all to regularly over the last few weeks, team skill levels just don’t feel balanced at all. There’s not even a fair fight anymore. I don’t mind losing a match if it’s actually a good game, and there has been some good gameplay and fun, but I’m not even getting that anymore.


Honestly I feel like it was better in OW 1. It might be my imagination but the matchmaking feels different. It feels way more like COD matchmaking where I’ll have a good match and then be punished by the matchmaking for it for the rest of the day.

It could also just be because of an influx of new players, some of whom have some amount of aim ability but zero game sense.

I 'd be very curious for Blizzard to say whether or not they changed anything with the matchmaking at all.


Ehernyet, welcome to this forum, not to say you don’t already know this, but people like this are always here to dismiss you and tell you that you are the problem and it’s all in your head. The other team can have 45+ kills each while your entire team has 7 kills TOTAL, but it’s still all in your head, lol These are just disingenuous trolls that simply thrive on being mean to other people because it makes them feel less empty inside. Just have to ignore them, they’re lying about everything they say anyway… they just make stuff up.


This does, indeed, happen. It’s actually really easy to spot when its happening because you can see the early pick, and then that team start staggering, and then the ults building up on the leading team.

So while I do agree that this does happen, there are many matches where this is not the only thing going on. Just absolute stomps where one team has a bunch of obviously much higher skilled players, using spots on the map the other team didn’t know existed, with support players that are tracking every single one of their teammates health, dps synergizing cooldowns, combo ults being used, and the winning team players predicting the movement and mistakes of the losing team players over and over. The winning team will have 45 kills each, headshotting nonstop, while the losing team has 7 kills total for the match. That’s not snowballing and it happens ALL the time. One team is simply far, far better than the other team.

But again, I do agree, it’s easy to confuse these two scenario’s because one team can truly dominate another team by capitalizing on early teamfight mistakes, getting into the heads of the other team, get them staggering and blaming and it ends up feeling like two different elo’s several tiers apart.

Yesterday, I was in this position, we got just stomped on Route 66 first round. Our team was demoralized, but amazingly, no one was blaming! I was tanking and all I said to our team was “matching sucks, but just try your best, focus on not dying early and have fun!” We won the match.


It can happen a few times, sure.

OP claims it happens “Every. Single. Match. Without exception.”.

Yeah, that’s in his head.


No, I’m sorry to say they won’t change, because no matter how many times you say don’t do it, there will be a million others doing it. That’s how they are able to make billions every year.

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The matchmaking in Comp seems to be just as bad as quick play right now. One match my team is holding the other team in their spawn and there’s nothing the other team can do and then the next game the opposite happens. Something is clearly wrong with the system. Sometimes there are even/fair matches but it seems rare. Also got matched against a diamond player when I was a silver on tank. Didn’t even think that was possible.