It's official - same old broken matchmaking in OW2

I truly believe that matchmaker has no idea what our SR ratings are and just grabs anyone free. There’s no reason the majority of matches should be horrible curbstomps.
1 out of 10 you get a balanced game. I think that’s more due to randomness and not any design by Blizzard.


I’m sure the OP exaggerated some, but we all do when we’re tilted… That doesn’t mean there isn’t some truth to the post though. My experience is that there are way too many absolute stomps lately and there is a steady pattern of people saying the same on this forum and on social media. Eskay, a popular GM streamer who tends to be able to back up what she says tweeted the same thing last week. So assuming this is all in the OP’s head just isn’t logical imo. That would mean it’s all in my head, too, though, so maybe I’m not subjective enough to have a fully valid opinion.


they’ve been around since day one making this exact thread so often you could set your watch to it, no need to “welcome” them


Sounds like the matching system has had major issues since day 1, then… I can’t imagine people not complaining about it until it gets better. It’s obviously not nearly as bad at mid and higher elo’s. Seems like those players are always the ones dismissing the issue, though.


oh it has, I’m not in any way saying it’s without issues

but this same thread is made by the same OP on nearly a weekly basis, almost word-for-word, just incessant whining that they’ve never won a single game ever because the game is stacked against them. we get it, if it’s that bad go play something else that doesn’t suck and leave us alone


It’s been the #1 complaint about this game. Shills and trolls would tell you just to rebuy an account to get better games as once they system decided your rank you have to play unbalanced match after unbalanced match to rank up.


For me, like clock work, I got to my career high and now I’m in free fall of losses.

Mean while… I seeing new high scores in my aim trainer, maintaining a 3.4 elims per life on 2 toons (most played).

I don’t know if it’s career high or I hit a threshold of games played or games won. But just know I never get more than 5 losses in a row it feels very weird.


Literally had a guy in my ranked that said he just installed the game.


Oh you did well in a game?? Let’s see how you do with worse teammates!! Instead of ya know…lets see how you do with people as good as you are…

Or the classic, oh you lost a 4v5??? Clearly you’re just not good enough.


Maybe. But since day 1 of humanity people have coping mechanisms. I’m mad at the matchmaking myself until a few minutes later I calm down and realize that if I improve enough no bad matchmaking will let me stay at my rank forever.

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I find it quite amusing how low rank players always blame the matchmaking. How about trying to improve yourself instead of complaining about hidden mmr, bad teammates or the temperature in your room, which prevents you from climbing the ladder. Climbing was possible in ow 1 and is still possible in ow 2. The system is not perfect, but it rewards consistent performance

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I played tonight and at first it was easy wins then suddenly started getting much harder games and one of the games against 3 smurfs with 2 of them in grand masters.

I’m in platinum 3 lol and the highest person on our group is diamond 4 so how do we match GM players?

Would be nice to have more balanced games but it’s either rolling or getting rolled.


I love how high horse shills don’t account for the low ranks having issues ranking due to throwers, leavers and smurfs.


Dude I got Gm smurfs and leavers too. What is your point?

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Gotta place new players in gold so they buy stuff. Speak of stuffing, didn’t they put Emongg in gold? They literally dropped anyone who already played the game, no matter skill level, then play mind games with the new players. Whatever they can do to get a quick buck.


I don’t care about a hidden grain of truth behind a curtain of bull.

Matchmaking is not “rigged”. People with similar SRs are matched with and against each other. SR is determined by wins, losses and, in metal ranks, a certain “skill element”, probably more so if you didn’t play for a while.

That’s it.

there is a steady pattern of people saying the same

Yeah, there’s a steady pattern of people being oblivious :joy:

They cope, they seethe, they dream that it’s not their fault they lost, it’s… the team :sob: the system :sob:
Meanwhile I’m out here having a stomp or being stomped like every 10 games, which seems a reasonable amount.

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Then you’re one of a lucky few. For most people stomp or get stomped is every game with very few exceptions. Just because you’re lucky doesn’t mean other peoples’ experience is the same.


I just don’t see how this game is going to retain the hype after 90 days, this ain’t it chief.

I mean, listen to you, do you hear yourself? Why bully people? Like why be that kind of person, just because that’s the brotrash trend, or? I don’t get why someone would choose to be mean and laugh at other people that are frustrated. I mean, I get why angry, unintelligent people do it, but you don’t strike me as an angry 12 year old confused kid, so it’s odd to me.

What rank are you? Has it occurred to you that the lopsided matches might be more prevalent in lower elo’s than you? I mean, you can tell us we’re lying and imagining it all you like, but sorry dude, lately, every match is a stomp. For some reason, this weekend and for the most part, this whole season, I’ve been on the winning side of the stomps. I went 14-2 this weekend in Comp DPS and my team just obliterated the other team every match, to the point I just felt bad and I certainly don’t find it fun, like, at all. And trust me, the teams I’m facing are just not made up of players that were able to hang in a match with the players that landed on my team.

I ONLY solo que, so, for some reason, I was getting put on the much better team all weekend, and most of this season. I have like a 65% win rate and my losses have been stomps, and most of my wins have been stomps. But I’m Bronze. I’m actually still Bronze 2 after going 14-2, never budged from Bronze 2. If you’re comparing Gold, Plat, Diamond, etc. the matches might be different, do you not get that?


Hard to believe after having played over a thousand games.

I’m lucky for a few games? Ok. I’m lucky over years of playing this game? Tough sell.

I stick to Occams razor.