ITS ALL MATH and it’s okay (:

Everything is “calculated” and numbers play a HUGE roll. I’m used to playing games where the gameplay is the most important NOT calculating time frames, cool downs, random frivolous objects (:roll_eyes:) etc. This is why I realized this game is not for me. I REFUSE to do so until gameplay is first and until then they won’t get my hours and time. Trust me! Other games will overtake them and they will see why when it’s to late! I wanted to be good to, but oh well :man_shrugging:t5:

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What the hell are you talking about?


Exactly what it says. People are training and playing hard to no avail. I can’t tell someone who is bronze they aren’t playing hard, doing well, grouping up, using materials etc. relief for some is different. It’s the truth… it’s about math as well not just gameplay.

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Did you just call cooldown management and knowing what the enemy has to outplay them not gameplay?


Soooo… You’re upset because the game is challenging your ability to outsmart your enemy? You must be a lot of fun outside of video games :worried:


im inviting you to the tic-tac-toe and rock paper scissors championship. interested?


What does any of this mean? Why can you not wrap your head around a simple task like staying away from a roadhog if he hasn’t used hook yet? You overestimate the depth of this game.

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Games and computers in general are all about math. I see where you’re coming from, however. The game does feel a lot like

if( 1 == 1 )then

I don’t think it’s quite that simplistic…

No, but some people who are used to games like Halo etc are not used to this type of game. It’s very math involved

Well yeah… Overwatch plays more like a MOBA than an FPS.


1.) What language is this in?
2.) “1 == 1” should be “hookAim > myAwareness”

wait wait wait…whaaaaat?? If you want a basic shooter, go play a basic shooter???

Overwatch has more focus on teamplay, awareness, and resource management than most fps games. Aim is still very important, but it’s not the only skill that players can improve on. This will appeal to some people and not to others. If it’s not the game for you then that’s fine, there are a lot of other games that fill the niche that you seem to be looking for. Just remember that you being bad at something doesn’t make it frivolous.

If you feel like you have better mechanics than the enemy, but still often lose even engagements, then they might be beating you more in the other skills than you are beating them in aim. How good you are at this game is a combination of your skills.

mostly lua, i guess.

Why 1==1 and not true? Why the parenthesis have random space padding? (they’re not even needed) Why do you think hooks have 100% of accuracy? Why Lua?

That makes sense, it’s using much older conventions. I work with some old school C programmers and they do things like that.

Probably not a heavily typed language. It’s not uncommon for old programs to use 0 or 1 instead of true and false. Inconsistent implementation of data types used to be a thing.

You know, 1==1 was just a meme of bad programming even in the nineties, considering 1 was still a valid true condition in C :thinking:

To be clear, I’m not defending the practice, just explaining why people did that. Bad programming was rampant in the 90s. There is a lot of magical thinking (people calling functions “just in case”, not trusting data types, etc). It’s a meme because it’s all over the place.

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If you must know - 1 == 1 can be a stand in or whatever you want for example “I’m coming around the corner and the hog used hook”

They aren’t needed, even in lua. I just think it looks nice and it makes things easier to read.

It’s the coding language that world of warcraft uses for addons.

That’s exactly what lua does but it supports both. It’s all about what the function spits out. We are talking about a language from the early '00s. lol