Issues that takes the fun out of the game

High Latency and Inconsistent IND
Already filed a ticket it turns out its an ISP issue. So right now blizzard nor our ISP don’t know what to do. See the ticket I filed here. The issue seems to be isolated to our country on a specific ISP, but how can we ordinary player/isp subscriber ask for a fix for this latency issue? Wait for a miracle perhaps.

I can play in Asia but:

  • I don’t know anyone in Asia, I also don’t speak their language. If I’m gonna have a miserable game I would rather have it with people whose words are something that I can read.

  • missing out on random custom games because playing in Americas on 200 ping and 70 - 80 ind is not fun.

Long queue times

  • It’s now Lobbywatch (support player, Asia server has 10-minute queue)
  • QP - leavers galore. If you lose the first team fight, wait for a filler because certainly, someone will leave.
  • Queue as a tank? nahhhh this role requires good synergy with the team just to be fun.
  • Competetive - even in Asia, the ping/ind is erratic so its just not fun.
  • Role queue might have fixed some issue, but it also introduce another. We might have a tank on our team but both are flanker, Genji reins, or two off tanks.

Why not play another game, while waiting for the ping to get fix?
I did, I have lots on my steam I just don’t find it as fun as this game. I have been playing for over 3 years now and I still find it interesting.

Sombra in total mayhem


Well, if they ever get this voiceline system working right, then language barriers will be less problematic.

Especially if it becomes a VGS system with Ping features.

As for queue times, I’m working on it.

✅ Modified 1-3-2 that can be 1-1-2-2
✅ Competitive 222 vs Competitive Classic

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Doomfist … don’t have to say any more do I? I mean, a match against Doomfist takes the fun out of the game 100% of the time.

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Doomfist is definitely one of those heroes that are quite frustrating. But it actually takes a lot of skill just to make him effective. So I don’t really mind him.

Doomfist in total mayhem (or outside of it)

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Well ISP’s mostly have taken measures, though it doesn’t always work 100%

The amount of users on the network has indeed increased and resulted in various issues.
Depending on your subscribtion for your network it can also have alot of impact.

All i can recommend is playing single-player games or games that don’t have many issues related to Latency.

These issues might stay until the entire COVID-19 situation has cooled down.

Don’t even finish the sentence, just throw the whole match away :do_not_litter:

You honestly can’t put any of the latency problems on Blizzard. Aside from picking a good host that’s located on a tier 1 connection, they have no control over your pings.

I think the reason why Doomfist gets the slam of it all is because people hated CC in this game from the beginning, when we more or less only had Mei on the CC side that actually did consisted CC all the time. People expressed that quite a lot of hatred towards CC even then.

Then they just continued adding more CC to the mix after that. Doomfist was sort of the breaking point for many, a hero centralised around CC, and sprinkled with 1 shoting a good portion of the hero roster.

So I find him a design flaw that should never have been introduced to the game in all honesty.

That is true, it would be unfair to pin it on anyone to be honest. But it just sucks because the scenario is similar to all PH players, and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

I don’t really mind this much, even before the adjustments there were ways to find a counter to it. the only time i find the CC skills were broke when it requires very little skill to land (early brig).

Role queue
Ever since this was introduced the wait time in the lobby just became way too long. This isn’t an issue if you have a full stack. I like @GreyFalcon’s approach, maybe I should also try to figure out a solution on my free time.

Use the “while you wait” feature.

The while you wait feature gets old if you play it majority of the time. Imagine playing it for 10 minutes average and the play that you waited for only lasted 7 minutes or less or most of the time its filled with leavers.