Isn't it time Winston got some sort of Buff?

Im less concerned with him being buffed and more concerned about things like Storm Arrow being made better.

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Exactly what I’m saying, dive isn’t good because supports do allot of damage and dps do allot of damage, torb is actually super good he gets his ult really quick and does allot of damage echo melts everyone and needs to be nerfed, tracer needs some sort of nerf even though she’s dive just because she does so much damage and doesn’t die. Brig needs a rework not a nerf, bap needs damage/healing nerfs zen Discord needs to be reverted to 25% these are all the reasons were in such a poke heavy meta, this is one of the few meta types that tanks don’t dictate because this is the meta you get when tanks suck, like they do now.

He is straight up the worst tank right now, hard countered by nearly half the roster. Most supports don’t even fear him and easily go toe-to-toe with him.

But imagine Blizzard buffing Winston. :upside_down_face:

I wasn’t really focused on the damage.

I’m more focused on how heroes that aren’t offtanks shouldn’t have strong AntiDive Peeling.
While possibly buffing the Peeling on OffTanks.
Experimental Mode – Hero Balance January 2021

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Brig alone basically forces the opposing Winston to switch. If he doesn’t it’s pretty much a 5v6 since he can’t really do anything while Brig exists.

So just make Brig into a brawler, that’s bad at Peeling.

I agree. I wouldn’t be opposed to this actually.

I was mainly pointing out how, currently, Winston is pretty much dead in the water since a single character creates an almost unwinnable situation for him. She isn’t the only one, but, since I main her it’s the situation I am most familiar with.

Yup, I got a whole list of changes.

Experimental Mode – Hero Balance January 2021

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Oh yea I was looking over your post actually. lol

What’s that you said? Buff Reinhardt EVEN MORE?

If you think he’s hard countered, you’re playing him poorly

Only Bastion is a “hard counter” to Winston

He needs an alternate ultimate like Symmetra used to have

instead of primal rage he pulls out his…

:zap: :zap: :zap:
:zap: :zap: :zap:

(featuring 100 damage per second and double the range)



how embarassing!


he needs a right click long damage shot that he can only do every 12 seconds or so but its powerful and a skill shot

Like he should… fling… something at people?
Top ten things a giant gorilla would hurl at random pedestrians

  1. :oil_drum:
  2. :banana:
  3. :coconut:
  4. :poop:
  5. :turtle:
  6. :hammer:
  7. :princess:
  8. :bomb:
  9. :oncoming_automobile:
  10. :bone:

they should go full tf2 and let him have all those things

One thing I always think about with winston are the global ult charge nerfs the game has had. Winstons base kit makes more sense when it was like half his gameplay with primal rage being the other half. Now his base kit needs to carry his gameplay but it doesn’t really seem to be working out particularly well, especially with all the other changes & hero additions the game has had.

Simply cutting down his ult charge requirement may not be enough due to the increase of ways to shut down and/or avoid him nowadays like coach gun, hanzo leap, brig, bap boots & lamp, fade, accretion, etc.

I wonder how lowering his ult charge requirement + having a lil bit of boop+cc resist during primal rage would fair?

I mean I just think it’s the tanks around him that need balancing. Overall he’s fine. But I guess I wouldn’t mind if they made it so that you get less ult charge from a primal raging Winston since that makes Jim’s walking ult charge battery. Maybe you could also give him a passive where he deals more damage to constructs like turrets, lamp, etc.

Buffing winston is treating the symptoms, actually nerfing hitscan with more than slaps on the wrist would be curing the disease

If people still think Winston is decent, they might wanna watch this:

Makes a lot of good points.
Winston needs some buffs, please Blizzard, something meaningful.

Halve his health and the damage he does… That’d be rough :grimacing:

I wouldn’t mind a right click to make him a bit more challenging/effective. Like being able to throw his shield like he does in the animation that explodes after a couple seconds or something :thinking: