Is this the final OW 1 ranked season?

At this point it’s like they’re mocking us.


Sorry you seem to have this weird copium where you can’t accept the fact that Blizzard has a massive sexual abuse issue and you’re mindlessly defending people who would choose to work for a company they KNOW has those issues. That is crazy to me. Just work somewhere else, good people do it every day.

Hold your L and move along man. Focus your energy on where it matters. If sexual abuse is Actually something that matters to you anyways.

Most people have worked for a company with ‘known issues’. People work at Amazon, Chik-Fil-A, Walmart, Disney, etc to feed their families. You have probably worked for a ‘bad’ company. Your house is probably full of unethically sourced objects. You have probably paid someone who used sweatshop labor.

Most of the system is based on your stats on a hero, compared to other people that will play that hero.

I can see them using the OLD MMR as a base point, then from their gather data off the first few weeks of games. Then release the new rank, with new data in tow.

Hello everyone,

The Competitive Play season 36 post is now up. Just to clarify, it only touches up on the details of the final season. Simply put, this season is much shorter than most others, so plan around that if you look to complete all of your placement matches,

Hope you all have a fun final season of Competitive Play for Overwatch.



Same as all the other seasons just shorter from what I just read. I was hoping this was the start of the hype machine and they had something planned for this season. They have to have something planned for OW1 right? Some sort of event to say goodbye to the game we loved? I know there was the re-color events, but those seemed like cheap placeholders for the seasonal events we did not get.

And no I do not want another streamer experimental patch… An actual event to hype Overwatch 2 and say goodbye to Overwatch 1.


I think what you have to realize is that this is ONLY a video game and that nobody here is being PAID to play. Most mainstream games do NOT require a person to even go to such an extent to play a petty online video game that otherwise should only require the machine itself to play on and really do limit their markets to people that otherwise do live on a lower income budget and do NOT know how to bypass the system. So eitherway, what are you truly helping here by supporting this idea?

I am sure you can fully acknowledge that Cheaters already are looking at ways to get around this.

and that SMS for anyone trying to keep a main account going but otherwise cant afford to keep the same number going all the time , and for those that live in rural communities this drastically effects them. So then there is that.

I am truly sorry, there is nothing that makes sense here for the fact that SMS doesn’t protect the integrity of the game and weighing the factors on both sides of the discussion this causes more harm than good.

The only reason WHY players want it, is because they THINK it is protecting them and Blizzard wants it because they can at least say they did something, despite opening the game up to be FREE. That is where I am left scratching my head. How many times can one sit there and farm their account creation screen and keep trying until they get in and POLLUTE the servers with their cheater accounts. So yeah thats REALLY going to NOT help this game at all, PERIOD.

Which leads me to the fact that “FREE” is simply going to put an end to this…

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Okay? They’re making the choice to do it. No one has the RIGHT to play it. If Blizzard wanted to shut the servers down tomorrow there’s nothing any of us can do.

I’ve acknowledged like 400 times that I don’t think it will completely eliminate it. I think there will be more people than you realize who either don’t know how to get around it, or just don’t care to put in the effort. I think the positives of that will outweigh the niche set of “honest gamers” who will be affected by this. That’s it. It’s that simple. All in all I think you’re way too dramatic about this.

Put random words in caps as much as you want, think I’m naïve and stupid, I don’t really care, but at this point we’re just going in circles.

I have an experiment for you.

The Last I checked Cell phones are invulnerable and impervious to everything within the known Universe. So tonight I want you to pretend that you want to play Overwatch, exactly the way it will be to play the game. Before you can login to your game, you are going to have to use that mobile device and access your blizzard account.

You are ready for YOUR overwatch fix. You have all the skins in the game unlocked and that season event skin that took awhile to grind for matches that gave you wins and your Pink mercy skin you have on that account, that you love. You want to have that skin available tonight to show and brag to ALL of your friends that YOU have it, they dont.

SO next, run outside Take your cell phone and look for a hard surface outside of your house and throw it as HARD as you possibly can against the surface and then drop it in a bucket or container of water for 5 minutes and then take it back out and try and login to Blizzard’s website with said mobile device.

Remember, if you cant. You CANNOT log into the game and play with the same stuff you have on your account. Remember, your phone is invulnerable to EVERYTHING in the known Universe.

I digress and sustain.

Nah, I’m good.  

Then You acknowledge that beyond the reason of a doubt, that I am 100% correct about how bad this idea is, as you already know the outcome of the experiment.


If you’re that desperate to be right instead of just, you know, disagree and move on, sure.

There is nothing desperate here. Having a simple, educational and intellectual conversation my fellow Community gamer and member of the Overwatch Community! Good show! I do say so myself!

And thank you, I feel very much well about myself and that I appreciate the dialogue we’ve had!

:face_with_monocle: :tea:

Sigh. Okay.

Your experiment is stupid because A: Why would I go smash my phone? That’s such a stupid way to try to get your point across. B: I’ve never accidentally broken my phone, and I’ve never used cases and I’m not particularly careful. I’m amazed when I see someone with a shattered phone.

I don’t think it’s a bad idea. It will curb (not eliminate) cheating and smurfing. More people own phones than computers so the number of people who will be on the wrong side of this is minimal.

Technology adapts, adapt with it.

Like I’ve explained about 400 times.

You don’t like it, cool, we’re not gonna change each other’s minds. Feel free to have the last word because I’m done with this circle.

I think what we have here is a situation where I have made a very valid point about the issue of what is with a Mobile device and knowing that unlike the desktop.

You have to take your cell phone with you.

It can become lost, stolen, malfunction, the screen breaks, the device is unusable due to an act of nature, cosmic event or an issue of the service no longer being paid for, lost number due to network policies changing or a plethora of other issues that come with a device that is designed for being transported in a constant state of movement, Unlike a desktop.

You might not agree with this right now, but until the issue arises (which it will) and I have specifically reminded you that am I not wrong about the statements above regarding loss of the account, the skins and the efforts you put fourth towards one account, not limited to the loss of skins or Skill Rating? Rightly so. Am I not wrong?

Am I missing something?
I thought the phone thing was just for initial verification.

Riot does something similar for Clash tournament registration. I used my phone number years ago to verify my account and never had to do it again.

Where is the idea that we constantly need to use our phones coming from?

what do we get after the end of this season if we complete our placements?

This post has gone places. We still do not know the exact details of the phone system, your guess is as good as mine, but I’m guessing they want post-paid phones because that will also be tied to an address.

A phone verification system should cut down on a lot of alt accounts and bad behavior. By improving the game play experience for the vast majority of players who have a phones, they will be able to grow the community. The amount of people they will lose who cannot use the phone verification system will be massively smaller then the amount of people they would lose by letting the community stay as it is now.

In other words the phone system has more positives then negatives.

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I think one of the main issues that people do not realize is that quite a few people do NOT have post-paid phone services too,(Despite my educational discussion on the rules of the universe and how easily said device breaks).

Regardless, people buy prepaid phones quite often because there is a large market for them otherwise major retail outlets would not even carry them. I also can say that they have no true way of knowing if that number is a prepaid or not.

I am going to guess they want everyone to download the blizzard app and have that to get into their account or its a loss.

Despite people think this is a positive, I think quite a few people will come to the realization that when their mobile device has an accident, that it is going to be something they want changed after they lose all their precious cosmetics, skins and unlocks. people have this whole “it can never happen to me” attitude more this day in age and then they wonder why they don’t a good time, when things turn around on them.

I don’t want people to live in a world of paranoia either. but I mean I can say that I’ve had at least an average of 1 mobile phone broke about every 2 years either from working on equipment, dropping the device, or accidental water damage. So I just learned to always back my photos up onto my computer, and then make another copy elsewhere. So when that accident happens with the phone, I dont lose stuff I will never see again.

With any type of Blizzard SMS or what-no. You are going to have to wait around or have another mobile phone handy if that happens. So you can play overwatch that day.

For those that cant keep their bill paid on time, some services are more forgiving than others as to WHEN they kick someone off that number. I’ve come across a bad apple or too. That once you fail to pay, sometimes you cant even get that number back and are locked out for good. So someone else gets your Blizzard account when they receive your number.

Another point to make is, once something like this bad happens. are you really going to want to spend ALL of that money again to unlock everything again for the account, I mean the last I checked they are GOING to start charging money for stuff…