Is this experiment intentionally heavy handed?

Bliz: Hm people like dive meta. We should try bringe that back.
Bliz: Let’s make Gengi super strong with insane buffs and nerfs to his counter

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Imo it’s dive tanks who need the help more than Genji, who sees lots of play at all ranks. Not to say Genji doesn’t deserve to be buffed, I just think majorly buffing him AND nerfing his counter in the same patch tips the scales a bit farther than most players would like


Except the patch does nothing for Dive tanks when they buffed Hanzo to get right back to deleting them with SA again.

Overwatch’s tragic relapse :pensive:

Let’s be honest, that’s what you’re mad about isn’t it?

It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Moiras damage nerf goes through but at -5dps instead of -10dps. To match the hps buff.

People who actually know how to play the game don’t need Moira to be a crutch hero. What upsets me is that they made the best raw healing character do more of just that, and flat nerfed her damage. Even Moira mains were pretty vocal about wanting her attack hitbox to be smaller, not the attack itself weaker. That’s why it’s upsetting, we weren’t listened to at all.


Moira is way to easy to dps with and this Neff is a way to decrease the Ammon of dps moiras

Well it IS called “experimental”, right?

So stop panicking. Although I do think the damage nerf on moira will happen

The much better solution is to make being DPS Moira less easy by reducing the attack size, so she has to actually try

The instant Moira isn’t easy free kills, people will stop being DPS Moiras so often. This just slows them down slightly and will probably make them DPS for longer periods of time, or even (Jeff forbid) use more damage orbs to compensate for the weaker beam

I don’t recall saying that this was the best way to fix the problem, I said it was a way that they decided to use

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Yes, which is why I’m vocalizing my opinion that it’s the wrong way to go about it. I understand why they did it, I don’t understand why they chose this option over the countless others people liked that were posted ON this forum

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Okay now people are just making random stuff up.

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Why people act like genji is gonna be op tracer is here, doom is here, echo and widow is here so genji isn’t that op lmao and his ult is trash but nano make everything op xD

Because this changes her damage and buffed healing. It’s making her more into a support character and less interesting for dps players. Which I’m grateful for because dps players that want to dps shouldn’t pick Moira. The more we go in the direction of her being a support the better.

This would make her more popular to use as a dps. You think dps players hate aiming? This would just make her more engaging to dps players.

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If you say so. Tighten that drain up and watch half the Moira’s drop one tier overnight.

Isn’t that precisely what we all want to happen lol

Do you guys have the patch notes? I cant find them sorry :weary:

You do know this is just going to make Moira have to DPS more to deal with threats

It’s the same problem from when they nerfed her healing

They keep forcing Moira to have to attack more to equal out on what she has lost

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As I said, it’s not the best way to deal with it. They want to try it, it might work, it might not work