Is ranked fixed?

My rank didn’t flip after the fixed with win rate 53% I’m still in bronze 5 after 181 games. Today I collect 7 win like 2-3 times but I still in bronze 5. Could you take a look at my account a bit. I think something was off. Please, It’s like no point to play competitive if I’m gonna stuck here forever.

Same happened to me, I won the 7 matches to go up a rank, and continued in the same rank

i ended up in 2.8 at the end of the season in ow1. i won 7 matches in a row and somehow placed gold 3, what the hell is this?

Hi, i had the same problem 2 times now. I’m Plat II and i won 14 matches and still plat 2, is it bug or ?

42 wins (14 wins after patch) still in Bronze 5, around 50% win rate too and most of the lost games were due to DPS/Support diff, my stats (both DPS and MIT) are always higher than opponent’s tank.

Is it possible to get a hard reset and recalibrate without losing my skins from OW1?

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