Is OW 2 more of a PvE game or PvP game?

All the hero releases will be made available in OW1. OW2 is only necessary to purchase if you want to play the PvE missions and related content.

OW2 is a PvE expansion to a PvP game. It’s not even its own game.

You’ll be able to buy it without owning OW1 - I think that qualifies it as it’s own game.

Not events, but heroes, yes, you are correct. We might get one extra :roll_eyes:

Except all you are really doing is buying the same code as OW 1… the PVP core that is.

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Yeah, for those of us who are only interested in PvP, OW2 is actually worse than the normal content cadence of 1 new hero every 4 months.

It’s both. For PvE we add a full story arc told through story missions (even though it’s a linear story I am reluctant to all it a campaign because it’s co-op, not single player). We’ll also have Hero Missions (which are highly replayable PvE backed by a progression system). The closest analogy (although neither is quite accurate) is Adventure mode in Diablo III or World Quests in WoW (again, not a great analogy but indicative of the level of replay we’re hoping for).

For PvP we’re adding a completely new pool of PvP maps including a new game mode called Push.

For both modes, new heroes will be added.


I’d like to hear from a dev on this.


Literally look one post above


Could someone be satisfied with just the pve stuff? My Dad wants to get into Overwatch, but not PvP.


Ask and you shall receive…


Jeff, add Competitive Classic! Since you’re adding all these new modes. What’s one more mode so that those of us who don’t want Role Lock, Map Pool, or Hero Pools have freedom of choice?

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Care to give us a rough estimate on each for playtime? (playing through once, that is)

If someone wanted to exlusively focus on PvP, about how much of the game (between PvP and PvE) would they be missing out on in your estimation?

Wow, baaaad timing, haha


New heroes in PvE sounds like fun and a great way to try them out. I’m hoping we get another character from Vishkar, but there’s a huge list of characters that sound fun to play as in PvE.

I’m glad that there’s an equal focus on both, as sometimes PvP is not what I want to play.

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Any news on Archives and if we get those modes too or is it strictly an OW1 event mode?
They are my favourite modes in Overwatch! :slight_smile:

Omg !!! Big daddy Jeff!!! Thanks for responding!!! I can’t believe I got a response from the man himself !!!


kind of offtopic, but its great to see the devs post a bit on forums from time to time. you have really been visiting frequently lately Jeff :slight_smile:
i love the game and looking forward to seeing what the team has got planned for the “sequel”. :smile:

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What does this mean? Is it just the leveling system that makes them replayable? Will there be new enemys or will the map change? Can you elaborate even a little ?


By co-op, does that mean we have to play with strangers if we don’t have the right amount of friends? Because that makes it far less appealing. Trying to do any story based game while forced to play with strangers is never, ever fun. You always have that one person who is either running ahead skipping dialogue, dying repeatedly, or just outright leaves cancelling the mission or making it harder on everyone.

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How exactly will the co-op work? Will it be similar to archives where I have to queue up in between missions to do the story missions or will it be unable to be played unless you have a full part of 4?

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