Is Blizzard aware smurfs are a huge problem?

Have they ever made any kind of statement about smurf accounts?

For whatever reason this season more than ever has so many smurfs. At least 3 in every game mid diamond.

I would much rather play quality matches where everyone is the SR it says they are.
Having a 4.3k under the guise of a 3k is absurdly unfair. Stop using the statement “oh, but you’ll climb eventually”

We have to admit there is a problem when it is so bad that every single game has one in it.


They’re in absolute denial of the situation. Always have been, always will be.


Blizzard likes Money. Money is good.


There is nothing wrong with having an alternate account. If you can’t climb, that’s on you. Most smurfs are not GM players. Assuming they are is just ignorant.

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No, it is not on me when every game has multiple of them. Stop kidding yourself.

If the game gets harder when you derank closer to the 500 mark medals because of level 27’s team wiping you over and over for nearly 23 games in a row you’re gonna sit here and tell me its not a problem?


Do you know how many players are actually 4k3? Less than a percent of the playerbase. Do you really think all they do with their life is play on smurfs at 3k to stomp people? No they don’t, if they smurf they do it in GM or high master.


Just another example that the problem is you. If you lose 23 games in a row, it’s not because of smurfs. This might sound harsh, but work on improving instead of blaming other players for holding you back.

Dafran was placed in plat because there is not enough data to calculate where the players should be. So plat and beyond is littered with them.


Maybe they think that it’s at least better than having no players there since the playerbase is starting to get deprived and smurfs becoming a common sight is a symptom of that

Assumes I lose 23 games. Wowee read.

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Yes Blizzard official recommendation is to create a smurf yourself and smurf a lower rank, oh and If your bronze though luck.

One person is not the entire GM player base, get real please. When a GM creates an alt their MMR will be adjusted really quick if they play normally (assuming they don’t throw on purpose) and they’ll climb way faster to master or GM.

Derankers are usually plat/diamond players btw from my experience, I was part of a deranking discord for a while and none of them was GM.

Alt accounts are fine.
Trolls using smurf accounts to throw and derank are not.

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To sign up for an account you must use your country provided ID. If you don’t you can’t play comp.

This immediately stops people from having more than one account. It also stops boosting by creating another account and carrying other people. Other countries do this. Why don’t we?


It’s every game fellah. You look at their profiles and they have a 97% winrate with outrageous stats.

You get them in the next game on your team and all they do is trash talk how bad everyone is and they always have 1 endorse.

So no, you get real.


It’s infinitely worse on console and no one is paying for those except for the players that have to endure bs they shouldn’t be facing at their rank.

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Doesn’t prove they are GM players (which was my point). if you’re in bronze it’s most likely a bunch of plats deranking, report them and get them banned, simple as that.

I report all the groups in LFG with deranking in the name and I get alerts everyday for someone getting actionned against.

money is them more important than the experience of the playerbase.

that shows what a terrible company they have become


Them saying they’re 4300 isn’t proving anything?

I started asking every person I find suspicious, alot of them will not say, but the ones that do respond are all at LEAST high masters.


It’s really not, trust me, statisically very few players are 4k3, they have better things to do then play in bronze.

Of course they lie because they are pieces of s***, they can’t climb and they are stuck in plat so they go in bronze, stomp some lesser skilled players and pretend they are high masters or GM which is completely false.

Dude I was 3700 and I’m 3200 slowly going back up, but the games now are harder than my masters games because I know without a shadow of a doubt that the SR of our teams is way off and when you have a level 27 duo ana genji team wiping over and over IT IS A PROBLEM.

Stop saying it is not, nothing will ever be done if you say this is okay c’mon dude…