Is anyone on the dev team actually a Sym main? (PLS READ FIRST POST)

the devs do not have to answer every beck and call to the people on this forum, as much as you’d like an answer, you’re not entitled to one

well when 2-2-2 does release on live servers, i do hope that you’ll get back to me with an updated list on what are still considered niche picks

Take the next step, I’m not a coward with a hidden profile.

not to defend jeff because i dont like him either but maining a role isn’t the same thing at all as maining one character

I love that my hidden profile triggers you so much

the devs do not have to answer every beck and call to the people on this forum, as much as you’d like an answer, you’re not entitled to one

Of course, but it does nothing to dispel the growing suspicion amongst Symmetra players that no one on the dev team actually mains Sym

Even better, I did not bother to look, the CONCEPT of it proves enough for me to deride it.


we provided an answer earlier, you refuse to believe that anyone genuinely plays her though

also icon shaming is just as low as border shaming, that’s disgusting behavior.
not to mention you calling Surge out for having a hanzo icon despite primarily playing Lucio so that’s even worse

Thats what makes it so funny.

PS: This Icon is used because its the best skin in the game. No Arguments.

Go back, read the first post.


Nothing wrong with p;aying any particular hero, but it’s highly ironic for someone to call Symmetra a badily designed character when sporting a Hanzo icon.

The question was a direct answer to “does anyone main Symmetra” and Jeff said “regarding Sym main” it was a yes or no question and was answered.

Can you read? I quite clearly explained in the first post that being paid to play test Sym is not the same thing as maining her.

Can you? He specifically said that person mained her, not that he was paid to test her. They are not paying a PRODUCER to play 700 hours of Symmetra.

All devs are employees. But this was person was specifically stated to be a Symmetra main.

thats close-minded thinking right there. I can call her a poorly designed one as well and i have a torb icon.

i have her golden gun and i can say there is some distaste to her playstyle vs what 2.0 looked like. A shield generator, a powerful defensive ult, an auto-locking laser beam, and up to 6 turrets for a death wall. she seemed more enjoyable then than now.

No actually, he didn’t say he was a main; he said he has hours on her.

He said “regarding the main”.

… which means he was addressing the issue, that does not necessarily confirm it either way.

Yes. It does. The question asked was NOT does anyone play her, it was does anyone MAIN her. And he made it very clear that he was discussing the MAIN part of the question when he said “regarding symmetra main”.

Like, honestly…

this denial is so strong, what is your glitch dude(tte)?

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If someone asked me whether Pluto is a planet, and I said, “regarding the Pluto being a planet question, it is a celestial body in our solar system” that in no way confirms that Pluto is (or isn’t) a planet, just because I said “regarding the Pluto being a planet question”.

If anything Jeff’s answer comes off as highly evasive. He could have said, “yes, here’s why” or “no, here’s why” but instead he gave that non answer that looks almost like there is a Symmetra main on the dev team as opposed to one of many paid play testers.

Sym mains are contrarian almost by definition. They have to be to round hole/square peg approach the game in the way that they have.

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