Is anyone else falling in rank and can't climb?

Anyone else who used to always be platinum, fell to Gold and can’t climb back?

I’m stuck in gold now and for the life of me can’t climb out of it.

It also seems that gold feels more like platinum used to be. Lots of really good players in gold.

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I doubt anyone will climb in most ranks, most ranks are filled with the higher level players making new accounts because of an ego stroke and Blizzard who does nothing about it - even though it’s literally against their rules (Gameplay Sabotage).

This has caused much unrest and irritation within the competitive community, throwing rank into this mesh that simply invites randoms ranging from gold - diamond in one group, throwing 2 masters and a 4 gold on the other team and calling it “good”.


Interesting, how deep in plat you were before consistently?

I got my peak in previous season at 2746 SR.
It took me a month to get to that from 1700 SR.

Then, I lost 700 SR. I was down to 2029 SR or something…
Then, it took me a 2 months to get back to current 2526 SR.

In meanwhile, I got alt account for experimental purposes and I leveled it to 25 and did qualifications which placed me at 2800 SR.

This probably means that I do belong in Platinum. What is beyond me is why I need to be de-ranked 700 SR down and then slowly and gradually getting back into it. It must be me and not enough of solo carrying in games /endSarcasm

Me lol ive been mid plat for a while this past few seasons seem to get lower in plat now in mid gold sucks but I’ll climb out.

Just look at my career, I’ve been in gold DPS for 3 seasons and role q is just making it harder, I don’t even play DPS anymore, waiting 14 minutes to lose a game is just idiotic

Find the strongest heroes that you’re good at, and one trick them.

I would recommend one tricking dps, because I’ve found it harder to carry on tank and especially heals.

Placing a new account is not a good representation of elo. I had a friend in plat make a new account and place 3200. He later dropped that back to plat and wasted $20 on the game. Also, try and look at yourself. You obviously aren’t established in any rank. You said you were at 1700 and a month later 2700. That could have just been luck or the current meta. Once your wins and losses start to even out a little more, you will find your deserved rank.

I also said that I was deranked down to 2000 SR and now I am at 2526. But yeah, it does even out over the time.

There ia an sr ranges where lower ranked games are harder than higher sr ranges. Fact.

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There are probably many factors but yes I have had the same experience. Worst part is when you fall they still putting someone of equal skill on the enemy team so its possible to lose tons of SR with some bad luck.

yeah, this is the reason you can’t climb 100% (sarcasm)

The game is infested with just throwers now. It’s not worth playing. It used to be occasional thrower, but now the frequency is increasing (especially on console). It’s not worth your hassle to try and win games since even ONE person can derail 5 players actually wanting to win the game. I can’t find words to describe how poor design philosophy that is.

Use safe heroes,
Tank: Orisa, DVA
DPS: Soldier 76, Reaper
Healer: Lucio, Zenyatta

These are heroes that easy to climb rank
After become more pro,
Tank: Rein,Hammond
DPS: Genji, Cowboy
Healer: Mercy, Moria

These are Heroes that require much skill to play

What do you suggest they do about it?

It’s possible that the player base in general has gotten better an you have not?

I’m not the first person to observe that an average gold player now is better than an average gold player was back in year 1. A low plat player from year 1 or 2 might very well find themselves on equal footing now with year 5 mid-high golds.

How on earth does Moira require more skill to play than Lucio?

ever heard of smurfs and leaving casual players? the void is getting filled with players that fall out of their rank.

OK…I don’t…are you disagreeing with me or not?

Yes there are smurfs and what not, but ALSO, in addition to that, the average skill of players has gone up in the 4 years of the game’s life. That’s not like…a weird or controversial statement. It is very common for a fully matured game to have a better player base than similar ranks were closer to launch. That’s true of other games as well. It’s not the ONLY factor, but it certainly is one. Over time player bases get better. It’s a common observation.

the average skill increased indeed.

but also (mainly) because of casual players leaving.

overwatch has a small hardcore crowd, that is impressively good in enduring frustration and humiliation.