Internet connection was lost from faulty LAN cable, was kicked from game server and now banned for 5 minutes and will count as a loss and affect my SR

I was just getting into a game with 5 other players from the rest of my comp placement and about 30 sexonds into the game my game just went back to the title screen and said LAN cable disconnected. It actually had not been disconnected and actually found no problems with my connections at all but replaced my cables anyways and it had me restart the application to actually join the game again. It gave the option to “rejoin match” but not actually letting me do anything and it thought I had no friends so I had to close and reopen the application but now it suspended me and will could as a loss for me even though it wasn’t my direct doing and I in no way tried to actually quit the match. Is there anyway I can somehow appeal to get this adjusted or refunded to ny SR or placement matches or like taken off my record? :sleepy:

Unfortunately, no. All penalties due to leaving etc cannot be reversed regardless of reason. More info here: