Intermittent freezing for a second, regularly

I’m getting intermittent freezing which lasts for a second or so. This happens quite often and is getting worse and worse. It’s either a software issue, OS issue, CPU issue or a GPU issue.

I just got a new graphics card (about 3 months ago). I didn’t notice any issues there or afterwards. It’s an RTX 2080 Ti. I have heard there are problems with this card (bad batch or something regarding bad memory batch or something). I am hoping this isn’t the issue.

Also, this is starting to happen in all games and even outside of games. It is even happening while I type this but it isn’t as noticeable because it’s just text rather than a whole screen freezing.

The only place it doesn’t happen is when I stream video.

There is even talk that this could be related to the Creators Update to Win 10. How do I rule this out?

How do I diagnose this problem in order to find the cause? Thanks.


Figured I’d chime in on this as I’ve been experiencing a similar issue. I’ll get about a 1 second freeze at seemingly random intervals, although I haven’t noticed mine outside of Overwatch specifically. I am running on the recent 1903 creator update, so that might be related and it seems to have started sometime around when I installed that/the most recent OW patch, so it’s a bit hard to narrow down specifically without fully reverting the update.

Running on an overclocked i7-7700k with a 1080 and 32GB RAM, none of which are even close to being saturated.

Nothing notable in event viewer or dxdiag. CPU/GPU temps are fine both with OC and on stock. I have tried various GPU drivers with no luck.

Like I said, it only started within the last week or so and am speculating that it’s related to the creator update specifically but haven’t seen too many people sharing the issue.


its not hardware based. its internet and connection based. press ctrl shift and n and your sim and latency spikes. happens to me

I think I may have figured out what the issue is or at least part of it. During the October creator update, there were a lot of issues with the Windows memory standby list causing issues with games. I never had an issue with that update personally, but it seems like it’s rearing its ugly head with the 1903 update for me. Using RAMMAP I noticed my standby memory usage was through the roof. Upon clearing it periodically via a script I wrote, it seems to have fixed the issue, at least so far.

No, this is certainly a client-side issue and not related to the networking or the game in particular, as it results in a cpu utilization lock even outside of the game. Your issue is likely separate.

My above solution appears to have fixed it. There are utilties that can flush the standby memory list automatically at set intervals/quotas for anyone interested in a fix.

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It’s less imposing now or even gone. I’ve been getting a heap of updates from Microsoft lately, so hopefully they’ve been getting on top of it.

Unfortunately I can’t test thoroughly atm because of recent Overwatch patch issues, but I played a couple of games on a 180 ping (apart of the issue I’m having) and I didn’t notice it happening.

Try not using your scripts and see if it resolves itself and report back if you can.

Oh and that video you posted: That’s exactly what I encounter.

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Tried disabling them and the issue creeped back after about a day or so of computer using, resulting in the standby memory reaching 17GB. As soon as I flush it, everything was fine.

I don’t think I can link to third party programs specifically, but if you google ILSC (Intelligent standby list cleaner), it’ll get the job done. It’s by the same guy who makes DDU .