Increase team size from 6 to 12?

who thinks the maximum team size should be increased from 6 to 12? that would also mean 4 dps, 4 tanks, and 4 healers per team. if it doesn’t become a normal game mode i’d love to see it become an arcade mode xD

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As an Arcade mode it’d probably be good for a few laughs, but I feel the maps might become a bit too cramped with that many people in regular play.

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Jeff said 7v7 is too expensive and makes the game too chaotic… and you want 12v12? :rofl::crazy_face:


Game engine can’t handle more players and changing it would take a LOT of work and increase the System Requirements (which would be bad for Consoles (Switch) and older rigs).

insane chaos would be absolutely amazing to take part in lol.

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The game would end up being who ever got into an Ult combo first cause you could have the potenial to have 6 team fight ending ults

I’m not really into it if it was the core game mode, too much people.

it would make the most chaotic team fights tho lmao

jeff already said 7v7 was near impossible

i want 15v15 Arathi Basin, no hero limit

Huh, that’s weird. I could swear I remember there was an old bug that actually let you go 7v7 and and above. The extra players with that bug did have to be AI though, so maybe that’s what he’s referring to.

I think it’d be really fun for an arcade mode.

But the Overwatch team hate any non-competitive and silly gamemodes (EG. Total Mayhem), because obviously they want the game to be an e-sport, not wacky and fun. Plus, it would take time and money to add, and I doubt Blizzard care.

Yeah, it was in AI only and since it was a bug there was probably no guarantee for it to run stable.

€: There are still some videos of it on youtube and it seems to cause an increased ping, a lot of lagging and crazy FPS drops.

if that was the case, I doubt we’d even have an arcade.

The maps would need literally double the size and the game would need an extremely strong engine, Jeff Kaplan has already said that a 7v7 would be an overhaul on the game’s current capabilities. A 12v12 would be devastating.

Not only would that be pure chaos, but it probably isn’t technically feasible. Jeff already said that even 7 v 7 would be very difficult for them to do.

You would have 0 affect on the outcome of a match.

Maybe for an arcade mode but not for the main mode