Increase 6v6 to 7v7


They would have to redesign so much about the game. Not worth it.


Role restrictions are not necessary. However, a limit on the number of players in a specific class could potentially be used to offset a majority of 1 team’s players miraculously having their neurons explode as they all choose the same class in an epic feat of memetic stupidity.


No, no, I think he’s on to something. If you have more players than DPS eventually someone will have to pick tank or support because there’s no DPS left to choose from!

We just need to make the games and even 20v20.


Can you explain why? I don’t understand the reason.


What a joke. We all know when someone is throwing through their actions.


Same would still go. Just with 1 extra player.

Metas will still exist with 7 players.

You will still likely want to have 2-2-2 and then a flex so you would still be forced onto roles unless you were the flex. If people want a certain team comp you will still be pressured to play a certain hero.

Whether it’s 5v6 or 6v7 you’re still at a disadvantage.


Metas can form, but I’d wager they would be less dominant if there were more players, because the more players there are, the less over-powered any single combination of characters is, and the more skill is required to make any single meta combination function in tandem at the exact right timings. Thus if you lost to a good meta, you’d at least feel it was a fair loss as opposed to “aw shet a brokeness fuggern meta got me again dam u blizztards.”

People may see the use in playing certain classes, but that’d be nicer than people being forced to play specific characters which is more strongly the case in smaller teams where certain characters can become mandatory for a decent chance of winning.


You might, but many can’t determine when someone is throwing. Yes, someone throwing themselves off a cliff constantly is obvious. But far too many people think selecting a hero that doesn’t fit their comp idea is throwing. Many think someone not meeting their minimum standards of game performance is throwing.


Some people have made the case before.

Imagine this lineup:
Rein, D.Va, Zarya, Brigitte, Moira, Lucio, Zenyatta…

God, that team would be awful to play against.

Or picture a worse form of barrierwatch. Picture a defending team Team that has: Rein, Orissa, Bastion, Torbjorn, Brigitte, Mercy, Moira; or even Worse, Rein, Orissa, D.Va, Bastion, Brigitte, Mercy and Moira.

Playing against teams that have 2+ tanks or 2+ supports is horrible now. Imagine if it were viable to have 3+ tank or 3+ supports. The only way to balance things out is if we cap the classes by this rule:

2 tanks, 3 dps, 2 support.

If you don’t do 7 player comps this way, balance would be awful.


Diminishing an issue is better than letting it continue to be a massive issue.

More players I’d wager would equate to less reliance on specific metas and more reliance on a variety of combinations and varied choices in characters and sub-metas. Bad hero picks would be more easily offset by a larger number of characters, as overall players by default want to pick good characters that win games, even if a sizable minority don’t.


But it doesn’t diminish anything, it just shifts it around.

And fixing the issue is always better than trying to come up with some beat around the bush “solution”.


More players on each team equals lowered likelihood of any single player being able to ruin a team’s game due to being a thrower/poor player/loser.


Ah yes, add one more healer to the GOATS comp. Problem solved.


The game since launch HAS NOT BEEN DESIGNED AROUND 6 V 6, because they added more characters and created a series of updates that force you into metas and certain character picks as well as hating your team because any 1 team member can throw or ruin a game.

I believe the overall choices Blizzard has made in their updates, nerfs, buffs, characters, and changes would be fixed if they adopted a 7v7 setup instead of the 6v6 because they’ve crammed a lot into the game that lends itself to having more players on each team -not the same amount they started with at launch.

Frankly I think Blizzard has painted their game into a corner and the only way out might be a 7v7 meta because it genuinely makes more sense than their current setup no matter how I’m looking at it.


First of all, no all caps needed bud just having a chat, i dont hate your idea. The game most certainly has been designed around 6v6, that much is clear since the game is 6v6.

That part i dont get is why adding one more would stop you hating your team members (i say you because not all of us do that). Its just one more person for you to hate. They already gave us the choice of picking teams, and people already dont make the “right” choice and go 6dps, why would adding one more change anything? If more is the answer, why not 10v10? way more choice there.

You keep saying 7v7 makes more sense because theyve “added things to the game”, i dont see a connection there at all. Other franchises have been adding content for years but dont just incrementally up the player count to make up for it. More heroes and maps in my mind dont add up to needing more players.

Just because you have an idea doesnt make it good or right, im not saying this is a bad one, but you seem to think because you came up with it and beleive it, its right, that is not the case.


A thrower on a 7v7 setup is easier to deal with than a thrower on a 6v6 setup, because the odds are increased the team can succeed without the thrower due to overall lower percentage need for the player.

Metas with 7 players require more strategy, have far more variety, require much more timing, and I’d wager they’d turn into sub-metas of 3+3+1 2+2+3 strats which would be much easier to deal with and more fun than 1 or 2 hard-set metas for 6 players.

Being forced into roles on occasion is far more tolerable than being forced into a character which too often is the case in the present 6v6 setup.

5v6 is less of a disadvantage than 6v7; please.


I’m uncertain how 7v7 is the only means to resolve these issues. Adding more heroes and abilities into the game is not what locks in certain metas - in fact when balanced correctly it should be quite the opposite. If this were true, games like MOBAs (Dota, LoL, etc) wouldn’t have hundreds of heroes and be only 5v5.


Anyone who posts in the Blizzard forums is a thrower; especially if your name is Jeff Kaplan.


I would like a gamemode like this added to the arcade. I think that while perhaps there might need to be a few limits on how many roles there are at once that a gamemode like 7-7 or 8-8 or even 9-9 would bring a fresh experience to the arcade.

They would need to add another arcade slot though, and for some reason they don’t want to do that so we might be waiting a while :confused:


I think it’s a great idea. It would really help for niche hero’s who are good but take up a spot where a more meta hero would be better.

Try it out in arcade and see how the community likes it.

Obviously it would be a pot of balancing to do but might be best in the long run.