In the lore Mercy doesn't have REZ!

I really liked MASS REZ, without invulnerability it was pretty balanced. Not to mention Mercy was considered a trollpick back then, since Ana & Lucio were meta.

But I am also willing this ability to vanish into void while making place for another, cool, balanced ability, that wouldn’t make Mercy must-pick

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So you like mass rez. Mass rez was a ggreat ability not to mention it should’ve had no invulnerability

Exactly, by adding invulnerability blizzard themselves gave birth to mass rez and caused all this horrible mercy’s situtation.

I just figured this shi*t out

I kill for a mass rez with LoS and vulnerability

I would say give Mercy damage reduction during cast so she’s not always sacrificing herself.

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so reaper being able to disassemble his molecules and reconstruct them, which completely goes against the laws of physics is acceptable in lore

Sentient robots who rise up against man, come to live in harmony with man and start their own religion is okay in lore

A hacker who finds a way to bend light around her body to become invisible is okay in lore

A woman who can construct physical objects with light is okay in lore

A child builds a robot to protect her people is okay in lore

two brothers who control magic animals is okay in lore

And we are going to argue that reviving the dead doesn’t make sense because its not a part of the lore

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I never said rez doesn’t make sense.

Millions of Mercy mains would cry a river of loss, drowing the dev team in it.

In the lore no one respawns seconds later. Remove respawn!

They adapted to 11 straight nerfs, they will be okay

She technically brought back Genji …

AND… It matches well with her Guardian Angel theme.

Yeah some of them , others like me dropped this hero because with every nerf the hero feels more boring to play than it used to be.

If you saw things like that…

Hey! The lore doesn’t mention Reinhardt shooting fire! Remove it!

Oh noes! The lore doesn’t mention Mei cryofeezing whenever she wants! Remove it!

AHhhh! The lore doesn’t mention storm arrows! Remove it!

You just want rez removed and you used lore, which mainly dead, as an excuse to remove it -.-

This argument falls off, as OW is more moba than FPS. And there are plenty mobas out there where resurrect is used.

Second. Lore has nothing to do with gameplay. By lore we know D’Va is professional starcraft player, but do we see her playing starcraft in OW? No. Not even in her “game on” emote. The lore doesn’t mention reinhardt to be some fire bender right? Well, in the game he literally throws fire.
In the lore its not said Mei can freeze herself whenever she wants. Well she can here. So it’s not mentioned that Hanzo has a third ghost-hand that shoots with super sonic speed. See my point?

Third. You have quite a lot of hrs on Mercy. I don’t get how you bare to play her as she is the most boring thing ever after the jan nerf. This nerf (comboed with the 50hps one) just killed her. I don’t know if you understand this but rez is here to stay. If we want it balanced it should be an ulti, get some cost nerfs + tweaks (LoS and stuff, you know). Give her decent E ability (some kind of utility, as she already has heals and movement) and done. Balanced and fun.

The ult res idea that I’m sugesting is the one included in Titanium’s post. You should read the whole post so you could see the points me, and also 80% of the mercy community are trying to make.

To be exact, 13 nerfs, but could you please show me another OW character that has been nerfed CONSECUTIVELY so many times, even tho the community has given plenty of feedback/calls the rework a failure

Hey Mass Rez was balanced , but instead of trying to tweak it , they reworked Mercy to the state where she’s OP but boring to play…

10/10 Successful Rework

You guys just don’t understand my point of view why I wanted it removed. I even said that above in a respond.

I am just tired of these responds that:

  • in lore there is no spawns
  • lore doesn’t equal gameplay
  • etc

Because this wasn’t point of my post.

It was remove res, because I want my favorite hero to be fun to play again. Mercy suffers so so much because of this stupid ability she has on thirteen seconds cd.

I used “not in lore” as an opportunity to freely remove it, before it appears either in comic or cinematic.

Can I somehow delete my post or block from responding?

Implying that anyone at Blizzard cares even a bit about the lore at this point - that’s a good one!

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Nope, you can’t. That’s first.
Second, everyone, including me are responding “in lore X doesnt appear” because YOU used lore as a base argument in ur post.
Third. Rez is here to stay as I and the devs have stated. We either balance it or break it (as it is now…)

See, OP, while “In the lore, Mercy doesn’t have Rez”, it is part of her merchandise. Removing Resurrect means invalidating any and all Mercy merchandise, on top of all the Resurrect-related in-game content.

Which means, less money for blizzard. they dont want that…