Impossible to play quickplay with friends

Trying to play quickplay with friends who are new to the game, impossible to win a single game and they get upset and quit.

How exactly are you supposed to play with friends when your matchmaking is obviously broken when 10 games are completely unwinnable stomps because you decide to somehow put MASTER opponents against someone WHO HAS JUST INSTALLED THE GAME in quickplay ?

Losing games in a row does not matter - still the same unwinnable matches after uncountably many losses.

Obviously what happens is everyone getting upset at my friend and now they don’t want to play overwatch anymore.

Why can’t I play with friends ? Why does it have to be such a poor quality experience ?

Can you fix quickplay to be better when playing with friends who are inexperienced at the game ? Surely there is a middleground and it doesnt have to be get stomped 24/7.


Your MMR is just too damn high, that is why this happens…


What the guy above me just said.
You’re the ine ruining their game


It’s not a friend friendly game unless you’re all the same skill level. Simple as.


Stop being so much better than them and they’ll have more balanced games :slight_smile:

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They can’t even do good matchmaking with solos. So… yeah.

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Overwatch’s learning curve is a 90 degree angle, and there isn’t really anything Blizz can do to change that that won’t turn it into a completely different game. New players will always suck, and getting past that suck takes significant time to learn the game.

I too gave up playing with some friends of mine because they were too new and almost impossible to carry (also they kept inviting console players, who were also new, and that combo is actually worse than useless). Even after doing the entire new player onboarding thing they were still doing like 4000 Heals/10m on Mercy and getting 1:5 KDAs any time they tried to play DPS. Watching him play tank made my old Rein main heart weep.

What I’m getting at is that you’re friend the new player is almost certainly what’s causing the problems, not Blizz hand picking Masters players to ruin their day. Or rather, that you’re grouped together. it’s either make your friend have a bad time, or you make everyone else have a bad time.

So unfortunately the only way to really get around this is to use a smurf. If the matchmaker thinks you’re also new, it will (or at least should) try to find games vs all new players, rather than a mix like it does now if a veteran tries to play with a new account. (obv only play like your worst heroes if you do this; both to let the other players actually play the game, but also so the match maker thinks you’re bad/new for longer)

Ive definitely had similar issues in the past. Even handicapping myself on a smurf account just results in getting stomped by more smurfs.

Until PvE releases, its probably best that they play solo at the start.

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I ran with a couple of my friends recently, we did pretty well even if they didn’t get the hang of it.

What roles/heroes were they playing?


How is that even possible?

And also, is it even legal?

Matches like that are the nature of competitive online games, especially ones with a steep learning curve like Overwatch. The game can’t just put your group against new players because you are there and would in turn give the other new players a bad experience.

One thing that may help would be if you played support, like Brig or Mercy, on a new account in a low impact fashion. It’s very important that you avoid carrying the games lest you drag their MMR up and end up in games that would overwhelm your friend again. It can be a bit painful having to hold back, but doing so can give your friend a chance to play with you without getting dragged up into matches above their MMR.

Once they are familiar with the heroes, maps, strategies, and general flow of the game you can swap back to your main account. It will be rough again for a while, but should be easier now that your friend has the fundamentals down.

I now have this experience playing with any of my friends. The matchmaker tries to put us against other groups, except we are only two people and it’s pitting us against stacks of 3-5.
Who are all so much more skilled than we are that we might as well be fighting in an esports tournament.

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You are the problem , not your friends . You admitted you have some experience in the game which means your MMR is too high . Your newly friends have 0 MMR , but yours take priority . Let them play in a group without you , then they wouldn’t face skill gap .

Maybe if QP isn’t working out try to play an easy AI game. People aren’t going to yell at them because people mostly assume it’s practice and in easy AI mode it’s usually pretty beatable. Then go to the next difficulty and so on until they have some confidence to go into QP. That’s my suggestion. This would require no carrying going this route and they would probably have some fun trying out different characters. If you cannot get hard mode for AI to q because it might say it’ll take hours, then instead, make a custom game with the AI set to hard difficulty or lethal etc. Throughout the games, you can give them tips as you see them play to help them without feeling overwhelmed.


Sometimes you’re on the right side of the MM and you do the stomping. And then it’s the other way round.

Sometimes you don’t even realize the tables have turned until the match is already won. Was playing on Havana last night. Between me and the Ashe on my team, we were the most aggressive dps of the match, 16 and 15 eliminations respectfully. At the end of the match, the other team’s eliminations were all in the single digits. At the time, I didn’t think anything of it. I was just having fun playing my favorite hero. But, after the match is over, I can’t help but feel a little guilty.

I love it when people make cry posts this ironic. Lol

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That’s because you’re too high to play with your friends, especially if they’re new.

Tell them they should play by themselves for a while to learn the game and get better then you’ll join them a later time, otherwise they’ll quit pretty fast


make a new account and play with your friends there is what I would say since you’d all be “new” buuuuuuuut you need another phone number so

just play vs A.I mode
its guaranteed win unless you’re worse than bronze player

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other thing is that you’re probably the reason your friends are getting stomped. You can’t play with them without the matchmaker saying screw it and finding what it thinks is fair. If you’re a master its going to give a master and some others probably much closer to the rank you’re at than a new player so if you want them to have fun you can’t play with them