Impossible to play quickplay with friends

I hear ya friend. I would advice to find your guys fun in custom games honestly.

I do not want to be rude, but I stopped playing with friends because I do not want to play against GM TTV stacks with my friends who are… Not the best.

I can queue with my sister and smash them, however. I think it only puts us against the occasional master or something. I do not know, and I do not really care.

Heck, lethal is easy as well.

Quickplay is just awful. Blizzard, you need to understand that not everyone wants to tryhard every single game and many would just like to have fun with their casual friends. It is not fun at all to get demolished by masters in quickplay. It is not okay that every single game is a stomp. NOT OKAY

It is also not fun at all to have a somewhat decent match, have most of the opposing team LEAVE to be backfilled with masters who will then beat you into oblivion because you are playing with people who just have installed the game.

It does not help that the teammates get very upset and toxic to them for not performing, when they DO NOT KNOW BETTER.

From my experience, it has a very long q time, like hours so i mentioned custom games.

Never before has a team based game been so anti team and anti community.

The matchmaker will start matching based on your MMR alone, thinking you’re trying to boost their MMR. Meanwhile your friend is getting absolutely curb stomped and they are still trying to learn what a Sombra or a mega is.

The onboarding experience in this game for friends is the worst it can possibly be.

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So should they put you against the noobs so you can stomp them? The only real solution for everyone here is you make an alt and only play mercy with your friends. It sucks but that’s the nature of skill based matchmaking.

I just had a dps that had a total of 40 hours of play as support. moira and mercy nearly 20 win% in bronze. he played dps for the first time and got into low master game…

The worst part about it is how it’s gonna match a Master MMR support into a GM tank or dps and think somehow this is a balanced game since “both teams have a high ranking player”. Having to play Zen to contest a 25k dmg Sigma or a 25/2 Widow is not fun, neither for me or my friends who are getting destroyed by said player.

Would Blizzard maybe consider matching similarly ranked players against each other, ON THE SAME ROLE? It would solve a lot IMO. Enemy team has a Diamond Soldier? You have a Diamond DPS of your own and both of them can have fun fighting each other. Reinhardts having a 1v1? More fun if one of them isn’t 12 divisions under the other, right? It’s such a simple change cmon please

This. It’s a better solution. MM is bad enough; having a seasoned player with new people makes it worse.

nice strawman but next time pls use your brain that i assume you have and read the entire thread before writing nonsense like that

in what world is there no middle ground between “lmao stomp bronzes” and GETTING MATCHED AGAINST MASTERS WITH SOMEONE WITH LESS THAN 2 HOURS OF GAMETIME in qp ?