Imo mass Rez can come back if it gets 4 nerfs (Day 2)

Developer comment:

We are returning Mercy to her original playstyle and decided to bring back Resurrect as an ultimate. To balance this out, we are reducing her healing to 30hp/s and removed her pistol. Oh and we’ve added healing missiles for some reason.


This is good, I will put this in the op

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Two questions;

  1. Are they like Magic Missiles?
  2. Can I attack the darkness with them?

If the ult cost is increased, can Mercy have an E? I really love the idea of Pacify which has been suggested as Mercy would finally have something proactive and a skill-shot of sorts. :heart:


Especially when you consider how quickly old mass rez could be charged. They could even double the ult cost and Mercy’s would still likely have it up every fight if they were good enough.


Op, can you add this new e ability as well?


Nowhere have I seen in the last 6-9 months anything remotely resembling “Oh, hay guys, we’re thinking bring back mass res” coming out of any dev’s mouth. Matter of fact, they refuse to look at that, rather adjusting silly things like HPS and cleaning out small bugs here and there, just to keep their precious E Res intact. They’re adamantly looking not to heavily altering the kit as it now stands, based upon the last few adjustments.

Give up the ghost dude. Mass Res promotes toxicity in the form of mass suicide and that’s why it’s not coming back. It’s the complete antithesis of what Mercy stands for and the devs are avoiding it for that very reason.

I can see them dropping res all together more than I can see Mass Res coming back, as it is a more realistic approach, but Mass Res is a dead (and decayed) horse which just won’t get buried (with what little honors it had)…


I think balance Rez first then adding an E later. I’m not saying it would be a bad thing for an E. Just think balancing Rez should take priority.

I can wait, it would just be really nice to have. I always did miss an E for her, so if Pacify won’t do you could just switch it to giving 30% damage resistance for 3 seconds.

And please… bring her HP/s up to at least like 55 HP/s so she can at least still somewhat spurt the heals that matter.


A year of broken gameplay and underappreciation of other supports suggest this much. Blizzard are in denial, just like you.

Blizzard is very unpredictable and often very contradicting.

Care to elaborate?

Nope. Stop making things up. Watch the developer video announcing the changes before saying anything please.

Lmao, “more realistic”? This is the funniest thing I’ve heard in a while.

Mass Ress was very much better than the garbage that is reworked Mercy.


Personally I would like a movement ability that didn’t rely on her teammate or allow her to glide.

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It would be nice, but with the bunny hop-buff I think she has enough already. Need to give people a chance to catch us too. :wink:

  1. Yes.
  2. No, they only heal. You can support the light in defeating the darkness.

Possibly just a vertical one tho for those dreaded… “PLEASE COME TO THE EDGE” moments when you’re forced to glide into the abys because noone would come or they are just to far away.

This is true! Good catch!

Nice and not want I wanted but I’ll take it!

Mechanics of how Resurrect would need to be changed.

  1. It would need to affect targets who are alive as well. Since Tempo Resurrects were efficient giving some kind of healing to allies who are living (as well as Mercy) would make them easier for lower SR to get the hang of and use more often. Option B would be to give allies who are living Mercy’s uninterrupted passive regen for 5 seconds after casting as well as herself.
  2. Mercy would die often in the process of Resurrecting. So a Burst heal upon finishing the cast time to Mercy would be much more effective in doing so without making it impossible to kill her or her uninterrupted passive regen would buy her enough time to escape.
  3. Mercy would need an E ability to match other support utility since that was another problem with Mass Rez Mercy. Mercy players thought about a damage reduction E ability that would fit well with her being a pacifist. Giving it to her as a skill shot which would give Mercy a mechanic to work on and improve on and people that have mastered it will use it more effectively in higher ranks.
  4. Mercy GA Bunnyhop stays.
  5. I do think people enjoy Mercy with flight so you could give her some kind of a movement spacebar ability that she can use which is on like a resource bar.

But I do agree with the other nerfs I don’t care for damage reduction i do think some kind of healing would be better since she is a healer afterall.

Maybe something like “Heal Blast”. (I suck at names) Mercy wings will glow bright and there will be a yellow circle on the ground, similar to Lucio, but the radius will be 10m. Heal Pulse cd will be 10s, the duration will be 8s, each blast will heal 20hp.

If you haven’t already, check out the idea for Pacify that DvaSlaysEU linked above. The numbers and such can be tweaked and the ability can be made more difficult to land, I just want something of a skill-shot so she has something aside from her blaster that takes some aim. We need to be able to differentiate more between the skill of Mercy players. :slight_smile:

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I don’t think Mercy needs AOE healing. That’s Lucio’s niche. Mercy needs something that keeps her role as a pacifist in the battlefield something in which she can shotcall and improve on. Which is why the suggestion of a damage reduction skillshot debuff would be more appropriate.