Imagine trying to get hyped for OW2

Reminder that nobody would be this upset by this if they just made OW2 an actually separate game from OW1.

If tanks and supports want to play a dying game while dps players flock to OW2, guess what: dps ques in OW1 plummet to reasonable levels, and you can make OW2 as dps-friendly as you want!


This actually might be best ow1 dps queue solution


Just wait until you play against Sombra 3.0

She sounds broken and unfun to play against. Brig in DPS roster has been created


It’s not difficult to figure out that 50% damageboost upon hacking someone for 8 seconds would be anything but broken when it also stacks with other dmg boost effects kekw.


Oh absolutely. She will be broken as all hell with those numbers haha :smile:

The changes are still net positive though, easily balanceable and a good direction for her imo

I’m less worried about lack of tuning in alpha version, rather the vision they are trying to make this game into.

Turning numbers is relatively easy in comparison.

Changing their vision of how they want OW2 to play? Literally requires the entire game to fail at the seams like Shadowlands, before they admit their vision is faulty. They are known for being extremely stubborn about features and ignoring feedback.


You’ll still buy the game, and you’ll enjoy it

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The idea of nerfing healing while in combat is not bad but the execution of it is too much. If they would use the current healing values divided by 15% for 4 seconds is way healthier than nerfing overall healing + the -25% while in combat. This change is also a direct nerf to pocketed heroes in general which is good in my opinion.

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Less healing 4 seconds after getting damaged is straight up bad. If they want to reduce healing (I don’t know why) make it that the more you heal an ally, the less healing receives. It would prevent poke (or pocket?) healers.

This is just an alternate option to what they did in OW2, I am not saying I want it.


Personally I don’t believe that is true, but it’s not really a point that can be argued so :man_shrugging:

The reason it’s lower in combat specifically is so that it’s not just straight up lower. You will still be able to get your team healed up quickly in between fights or if they can attack from cover

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A “role” cannot die. Most people don’t choose a role, they choose a hero. If i like ana, i will play ana. The meta will not change that, especially with normal everyday people that play more casually. That is my point. If you stop playing ALL of the heroes in a role because of some minor changes, it is kinda your fault

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What is bad about combat healing being nerfed is that it completely obliterates any chances of peeling when you get attacked and enabling your teammates in combat.

It puts the support into a position where if they get attacked, they cannot even help each other out besides killing the enemy (gl trying to do that) and in combat, their only valuable assets will be utility and damage, not actually healing their team during combat to sustain them.

Which in essence, just makes them out of combat medkits. They might as well become worse dps for the duration of combat. Support is the role in the game which main job is to provide sustain for your teammates and characters like Symm got a role swap because they were unable to provide heals for teammates.

If support is unable to perform their main duty when they’re actively supposed to play the game, well… You’re punished for playing the game and the support role.


If changes like these go through I’m happy I dropped the game some weeks ago. Who would ever bother playing a support like Mercy that can’t multitask and where her healing is dropped to basically a Zen orb? You’d be better off either praying and blue beaming or just glocking them yourself.


Yes, but it is a bit punishing, even if you receive 1 point of damage. Out of combat healing will be the same as now, but in combat will be less while the damage is the same. That reduces a lot the TTK.


Really weird that they’re trying this now of all times. This should have been a thing at OW1 launch IMO. TF2 has this mechanic and it has the neat effect of making fights not take a million years to finish, while also not making healing during downtime take a million years. Now it’s way too late though since all the supports are gonna feel like crap (unless they also go the TF2 way of making heal rates cap at 300%).

The supports will be compensated for this I’m sure, and they might even go over this with a finer comb. What we saw was far from the finished project after all, this was likely just a blanket nerf to show us what the general idea is going to be.

I’m also thinking it’s going to be very problematic to implement the “in combat status debuff”.

Like, if you get damaged, you get put into combat… does that mean that support characters who play in the backline just get a free pass and will not be put into combat because they’re not taking damage as often?

Would it just massively punish characters who get damaged more often like mercy? And plain imbalance the entire support role?

What if support plays hide and seek and walking medkit and literally never engages with the enemy and your teammates just have to walk back for heals, would that be an effective style of play? Just to afk in some corner and hope nobody sees you and attacks you?

How else is it supposed to work?

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I have no queues at all, it is called QPC/Open queue. 20 sec to find a game. Some geniuses wanted a role queue in a game where DPS is the major attraction, let them suffer in it.

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It’s 25% less healing received, not dealt. So it would affect the frontline/flanker heroes more than the backline heroes.