I'm tired of this stupid discord

Because it wasn’t clear enough that OW playerbase is devided into classes according Jeff. The casual peasants and the OWL/streamer 1%. And I guess they think it’s more profitable to be selling the game to that 1%.

I think it is intentional so that content creators have some videos to make on OW other wise no one will see their videos if they announced directly on forums.

Still not an official platform, so it’s still bad.

“Why the devs don’t engage with the forums!!!?”

Proceed to illustrate exactly why.

Is this a real question? Remember when there were funeral threads for Brig a few weeks back :rofl:

And there were a lot of cases when blizzard said something,it wasnt taken out of context or misunderstood BUT were flat out wrong?

Christ sake one of them said that D.vas job is to protect Junkrat tires.
Or when one of them went into detail how they dont think powercreep exists when it actually does and there are lots of proof of that even with the latest changes. (Moira, a support almost instakilling on close range with the orb is totally not damage creep btw, neither bringing up Genji to Echo’s level)

Calling those mistakes and misconceptions out in a civil matter is not a bad thing. The problem is that they are hiding from it. They say something, gets feedback which they dont agree with,they stop responding because of it and player get angry because of the one sided conversation.
Do you honestly think that the forums are just hating for the sake of it? No, it was a long process to get to this point and blizzard is responsible for it.

I would bet that there are way more well written, forum posts around here about the state of a hero or how the game is heading in the wrong direction.
All of them are unnoticed and there is no reply to them whatsoever, dosnt matter how well written or civilized it is.

Just an example:

It dosnt matter if you agree with the post content or not, you cannot deny the effort that went into that post alone and how well it was received overall from the forums they are so afraid of.

There are lot of threads like that,just a few more example:

Sure, there are posts in these threads where someone is just plain toxic or disagree, there is no 100% consensus on anything and never will be…but a post with 2k likes, come on. What post deserves attention if not that?
We get that they dont want to reply to an angry 12 year old ranting about something, but when a post like that gets to a magnitude it did, the very least the devs should do is provide their own take on the topic, OR invite players like him/her that to said discord server to have discussions on certain things in a contained environment. I genuinely believe that the linked Mercy thread owner should be able to talk to Jeff in that discord and could get results.

And for the record about the Mercy disaster. Maybe, just maybe if they would have actually listened to the Mercy players during the rework period and would actually communicated the situation well, then they would have realized that the rework was and IS a failure. I dont want to go into details on how Mercy should have been reverted and modified in another way, because the GENERAL consensus is already out there even if not 100%. (short story: mass res+line of sight+casting time then go from there).
If the situation would have been handled well, then it would not come back to haunt them even after 2 years.

You literally cannot blame the Mercy players for bringing up the topic and being angry about it, because it is a huge thorn in their side that will be never removed.
For the same reason you cannot blame the Tank players being angry either, it dosnt matter how well written posts they are making about why they dont like the current state of tanking, or why they feel like certain heroes are the only choice, they are being ignored and the worst part is that blizzard is systematicly ignores that feedback and goes into a different direction (usually in a way that helps the DPS). Can you really blame them that after a while they are just simply angry and fight with the only enemy they can,other players. Same can be said about DPS dont get me wrong,i mean the whole role were out of meta for a long time. I dont blame them for wanting some highlight. The problem i have with is when the demands are suffocating other roles, and heroes within the same role. For example supports should be able to fight back against flankers,tanks should have more durability outside of shields and sustained DPS should be a viable option over burst.

You got this from KarQ’s video didn’t you?
I remember that was one of the tips for D.va that can also be used with a Charging Rein as well.

Although I do not recall any devs actually said that as an actual guide lines for D.va.

I always think that tip as a “do it if you can, not because you must” kind of tip.

Well that is definitely a no brainer. However, those kind of threads always end up the same way: OP either kill the thread himself by attacking those that said the opposite side, or someone came in and eventually derailed it, and it got buried.

How about when it is already addressed by the devs that they would never revert it huh? Even I think that was obsessive. Same for the large portion of Sym’s players here but that is whole different topic entirely… well, not exactly but there are differences between the stereotypes.

No, it was an actual response from Geoff Goodman.


Its about being wrong and ignorant, they said a lot of things that will never happen and it happened. If the players generally dont accept and answer,then they have to respond to that,because the game is for the audience and not an intranet game within Blizzards HQ.

Never heard that.
Never actually see it tbh.

And like I said “Do it when you can, not because you must”


"She is still overall stronger than she was before she gained 100 hp, just weaker vs. specific targets such as Reaper. She will be replaced by another tank in some situations, but she will also replace another tank in other situations.

Her matrix is still one of the best ways to shutdown certain ults, such as Soldier: 76, McCree or Roadhog. Not only that, but shes much better at protecting some friendly players’ ults than someone like Reinhardt. For example, running matrix on top of a friendly ulting Genji, Junkrat tire, or Pharah is very strong and something that tanks with more static defenses (like Reinhardt or Winston) aren’t as good at."

BTW she cannot do any of that as of now. How times have changed.

True, times have changed.
Sure I can still do some of those, but to a much lesser degree…

With Soldiers ult i dont think you can,neither Hogs. It lasts longer than DM.
Same with McCree, you have to time it right.

Shield is just a flat out better tool for protecting now, thats why i said we need alternatives for shields,and DM is not nearly enough for that.

Imagine Jeff posts a response or topic here that basically says “We want to buff Genji” but there’s no indication of what that means. It would wreak havoc on the forums forever. It is nice to know what their plans are, but they might be so far away from reality that they are just ideas currently. Ideas that need to see fruition and not be shot down immediately by hundreds of people.

I really cannot imagine a world where that might be a good idea lol.
No context would be acceptable because even currently he is just OP.
Even if one upcoming hero 6 months down the line is designed specifically to hard counter Genji in every shape and form, even thinking about a buff is just uncalled for to say the least. Because why buff something that is already OP, against something is specifically designed to counter him. It wouldnt make a difference against the counter and just make things worse for everyone else.

Context matters but not that much.
There are ideas that needs to be shot down immediately.

Maybe they don’t have to post on the forums specifically. But Overwatch does have an official website. And posting stuff there would be pretty amazing as well.

They could take a note from the Valorant devs and release Q&A articles every few weeks. (i.e. like this one: Ask VALORANT #3). I’m pretty certain if Blizzard did this,people would complain way less about the devs not communicating with us.

Heck,they could just post on Twitter with a list of upcoming changes (example: https://twitter.com/MarkYetter/status/1283123303834505216) and I’m sure people would be happier.

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Its such a shame that almost every game started to adapt to make Devstreams and communicate with their playerbase and Blizzard still stays with this elitism.


I think it’s bad, but not for the reasons you think it is.

It’s very clear by now the pro/influencer position is pretty locked into focusing their ire on Supports and an attitude of changing Supports will magically fix everything.

That’s not a healthy community for the developers to be a part of for very obvious reasons. It blinkers them, it hurts their impartiality and it stops them looking at the game holistically.

I’m not really bothered to whom or where announcements are made, as we’ll hear about them regardless. What concerns me is how far down the rabbit hole they go with those in their discussion.

Thats my problem as well. If supports will get finally “balanced” or underpowered they will just jump to another role to critique them. They never try to speak for the entire games balance.

Kinda related… I was thinking the other day how they used to post heaps of information like what they were thinking, or upcoming balance changes or new hero/maps. They would even reply to some users posts.

I get the feel like they used to be excited to share that sort of stuff with us… and now it seems they just throw in a new character and don’t care.

How they would randomly bring out a hero cinematic etc. and now it’s just nothing.

I mean the unofficial platform got the announcement of an announcement whereas the actual announcement happened here.

I understand why they talk to more people on reddit. It is a much better moderated forum (even naturally) to ascertain what people care about and engage with the communities issues.