I'm sick of moira Potgs

I agree here, potg is definitely not always play of the game. My problem is that with Moira plays, some of them don’t even feel like they were above average playing

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Well the game does. We can’t tell the software or whatever that they are wrong.
There are certain criteria that potg has ( i think) moira being able to simultaneously heal and deals dmg probably gets alot of potg points for easy stuff. Not seeing how this could be fixed

I think it bases it off of fire gained in the shortest amount of time, so it is easy for moira as she can affect up to 12 players at once, unlike most other heroes.

They could nerf her fire gained, but I don’t think that sounds like a great idea. I guess we will just have to get used to Moira plays

Getting a couple of kills with Coalescence is pretty much a guarenteed PotG thesedays.

If anything, i think a scoreboard would be a better alternative than a reworked potg. best healer,most dmg blocked, best dmg total and from each team,etc.plus individual stats that could have a private function. Potg only glorifies one player and cards only highlight 4, that’s 7 people that could’ve done great but we’re overshadowed by the design.

Definitely, and Jeff has said it is open for OW2


I mean honestly, she dosen’t require that much skill!

Who ISN’T sick of Moira POTGs?

I’m just sick of POTG’s in general and I wish I had the option to disable it.


Well, they are aiming to make the games faster by cutting down the time it takes to select a hero. If we had the option to skip POTGs outside of leaving the game then it will make it even faster + w +

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Screw it, remove them completely. Most of the time they weren’t even the most impressive plays in the game anyway.

You see the Moira play of the game is quite skillful.

The Moira player was holding down her clicker even though their finger was cramping wicked hard, and right about when they could not bare the excruciating pain anymore they were able to ult and release their finger.

That take discipline.

I dunno, I am pretty used to holding down right click since I have that as my option on Mercy rather than click once and ignore. But honestly, the shift button for Lucio’s swapping between speed and healing is more sore on my fingers. Right clicking is nothing in comparison since my index and middle finger is far superior to my pinkie holding down shift.

Also did you know that if you were holding down right click you can still hold it down and press E for orb and it will skip that little select menu for her orbs and launch the dmg orb immediately. Same with healing but it’s not as useful since precious resources.

just leave the game?


POTG was amazing at the beginning. Now it is boring to watch for all heroes.

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I think it is part of their “make tanks and support more enjoyable by providing better feedback” set of patching.

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PotG is just a cute afterthought. Sometimes it’s somebody really popping off, but usually it’s Ana sleeping a Roadhog, and then getting chased around by a low hp Tracer before meleeing her to death. The really embarrassing ones are actually the best.


I’d rather take tandem POTGs than watch Moira POTGs.

If someone like ana Nano’d a Rein and he got a 6 man shatter, showcase her doing the nano and then it swaps to Rein’s screen where he demolishes the enemy.

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If a Moira in your team consistently robs you or your teammate’s potg, it really does question your performance.


I mean, I admit sometimes I don’t deserve PoTG, but if I got a 3k and managed to keep both tanks alive through a grav, then yes I will take that potg and i WILL save it.