I'm sick of moira Potgs

Can we please change the play of the game mechanics because It’s annoying when you get like a 4k but then moira just throws orb and use ult and get the potg…


Especially when she doesn’t even do the majority of the damage, but rather just TICKLES people and their team does the remaining 89% of the work.

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I like watching Moira POTG.

All the salty tears from dps mains, I love it <3


I think it’s a bug, there has been many support POTG since the most recent update.

Also many bugs, one including being able to sleep turrets and other abilities that she couldn’t before.


Sadly one of my favorite bugs, which is this one, is fixed

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I find it funny/embarrassing. Funny because it makes everyone mad (even myself a little) and it instantly gets people talking. Embarrassing because it is usually as you described, orb into ult with little of my skill being expressed


Who cares tho? Just a clip. Potg doesn’t earn you sr. Plus im 100 percent sure the devs have no intention of looking into potg anytime soon.


lol half the potgs in my games are moiras


I’d say they just upscaled defensive/offensive assist weight again, or they are just comparing performance to their max performance possible.


Who cares about SR? It doesn’t give you anything IRL. The point isn’t to give them something tangible, it feels good to get play of the game. It feels bad when what seems like a worse play than what you had is valued over yours. It also feels bad when you know you didn’t deserve POTG.


Feeling good or bad doesn’t give you anything either.

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That’s the point, it is a game that gives you nothing but feelings. Something feeling bad is a valid reason to ask for change or to wish it was better


I’m not saying moira’s deserve the potgs. But I don’t agree with people who think play of the games are play of them games.
The genji might’ve gotten a 4k but ultimately the mercy rez and sleep on the rein was the actual play of the game.

I agree here, potg is definitely not always play of the game. My problem is that with Moira plays, some of them don’t even feel like they were above average playing

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Well the game does. We can’t tell the software or whatever that they are wrong.
There are certain criteria that potg has ( i think) moira being able to simultaneously heal and deals dmg probably gets alot of potg points for easy stuff. Not seeing how this could be fixed

I think it bases it off of fire gained in the shortest amount of time, so it is easy for moira as she can affect up to 12 players at once, unlike most other heroes.

They could nerf her fire gained, but I don’t think that sounds like a great idea. I guess we will just have to get used to Moira plays

Getting a couple of kills with Coalescence is pretty much a guarenteed PotG thesedays.

If anything, i think a scoreboard would be a better alternative than a reworked potg. best healer,most dmg blocked, best dmg total and from each team,etc.plus individual stats that could have a private function. Potg only glorifies one player and cards only highlight 4, that’s 7 people that could’ve done great but we’re overshadowed by the design.

Definitely, and Jeff has said it is open for OW2


I mean honestly, she dosen’t require that much skill!