I'm sick of getting reported and warnings for abusive chat

I barely use voice chat or type anything but just because I play Doomfist i get treats of being reported by other players if I don’t swap to what they want to force me to play, and r report if I refuse even while when I do good. The report system really needs to be revised it cant be automatic. I been banned for abuse chat in the past with out even being on voice chat or text chat.


The new thing for babyragers who want to punish people for off-meta choices is to claim in match chat that you said something racist in team chat, and beg the other team to report you. Every time I see that, or anyone asking for reports at all, I report them for abusive chat.


I mean if I am not in voice or ever typed anything in chat. How can I be reported for abusive chat? Blizzard really needs to fix this system its out of hand.


good , if you one-trick and don’t switch when you are getting countered by for example pharah , you deserve a ban in my notebook.


Good… thing… you …aren’t… part …of …the… overwatch …team… then…


I experienced the same thing with Bastion.
Someone wanted me to change. I told them I had gold damage and elims. They said that didn’t matter.

Now if someone complains about my pick, I just mute them.


The report system is a bad idea, there should be one option for reporting someone and that’s for cheating.

If you don’t like someones attitude or what they are saying then you mute their voice or squelch their chat. Make no mistake, anyone who complains about “abusive chat” chose to hear it.


Don’t worry, if you get enough reports you’ll get banned anyway and they’ll bring out some “bly@t” you said over a month or so ago when you appeal it <3

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But refusing to swap is in its own not a punishable offense. It’s even blatantly in the rules.


Report System Is Fully Automated

and never checked unless you really aggravate and annoy the game masters

then they might share with u some of the blantant lies that other tilted players type in those report boxes and it’s some of the most racists stuff I’ve ever seen

and they typed it to me like I had actually spoken that ?


system is broken and gamed by the toxic element present in the game
and they have 5 other accounts to wear off penalties on

meanwhile actioned against players due to being matched with toxic stacks get multi reports needed for actions

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I just hate that most people in comp wont give you a chance as Doomfist and just threaten to report if I don’t immediately swap to what ever they want to force me to play.

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Honestly I’ve come to realize that most people will associate their own skill level with the hero with your own. Because god forbids someone can be better than they are with something. And this is becomes so obvious if you pick a hero like Doom, Widow, Sym, etc. It literally wouldn’t matter how good you’re doing, it doesn’t matter if you’re always on the feed. They will report you and ask others to report you for “throwing” or what ever else they can come up with.


ive been silenced for months at a time, and my last suspension from play was extensive. everything ive been punished for has stemmed from other players harassing ME about my favoring lower-tier heroes. i send appeals in, and all i get are automated crap responses. just something you have to deal with to play this game. enjoy off meta play to shake up the enemy, and get punished for ‘throwing’ or toxic behavior when you arent doing anything punishable. power to the players, lawl


Are you that doomfist everyone agreed to report because you refused to swap off 3rd dps with your 12 minutes doomfist (all gamemodes)?


Just because you can avoid certain behavior, doesn’t justify said behavior.

Also in order to mute/squelch somebody because they are toxic/abusive, you first have to hear/see them beeing abusive.

So no, people don’t chose to hear/read it. And even if they did, it still doesn’t justify the other person for doing so.


But people will report you for everything (abusive chat, gameplay sabotage) in the spawnroom because you pick a certain hero… This is what happens if you have an automated system that does not care if it is justified. I do play with a friend who likes to go widow or doomfist and the amount of reports in the spawn room got so large that at one point he was told that he might get muted soon. Funny fact: He is never in voice and uses /hidechat because of the abuse. So if he should get a ban I wish a GM good luck to provide evidence for abusive chat from a guy who did not write a single word for the last 6 months

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Ok but toxicity usually doesn’t suddenly explode into a fit of curse words and offensiveness, you can tell a person is going to be toxic before it gets bad enough and mute them; or at least I can and I assume this isn’t some special skill I’ve developed.

I don’t believe the report feature is being used to stop toxic behavior as much as it is used as a tool for passive aggressive people to get others in trouble for whatever reason they deem appropriate.


Never seen a team ask that a player be reported unless the player was being a total and complete jackass. I’m not talking about quietly refusing to switch to something else, I’m talking about being a toxic, caustic jerk.

Sorry but my experience with this game would tell me you are doing something besides your pick to get yourself reported if this is an ongoing problem.


The whole system is pretty bad right now. I have had an account banned before because I would not fill for a four stack. They were so mad I would not play mercy for them they told everyone in all chat to report me for racism. The only thing I said was I was not going to play mercy for them. People use reports as a weapon. You cannot ask people to switch heroes you can not do much other than full on PMA without getting reported which is pretty dumb. If you do not want to be in voice chat too bad report for game play sabotage.

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This does not justify false reports. You do technically choose to hear potential abusive chat by joining vc or not muting voice chat. There is no way to block reports from people who falsely report and the report system is automated. This is the problem. This happens a lot and affects people who want to try to win more than people who just everyone to be nice. Sometimes the most important things to hear are not the easiest to hear. It is a shame that the OW team automatically bans people for a myriad of reasons. I agree the only thing that should get you banned is throwing and cheating.