I'm sick of getting reported and warnings for abusive chat

If you really said nothing in chat or voice then just simply challenge the ban. Blizzard will then look back at your gameplay and discovery 1 of 2 things. A) you said nothing at all and the silence is lifted or B) you said something and the punishment sticks

I took a one trick acct to GM and got no such reports or warnings, not a single ban or silence or even an “avoided” message. I straight up asked people to report me if they wanted to, I knew the account was toxic, it’s still higher than a lot of yall will ever be because I tried to be a good teammate before the fight stars, not a good dps, and then I tried to do that too when it counted.

Legit, it’s you. You are the problem. The system is working.

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hmmmmm private profile. Also not sure how not playing mercy means I should be reported for racism? How is this my problem again? I also wouldn’t say one tricking is being a good teammate.

It’s not private. Play-Overwatch is bugged, and I haven’t played this season on my main here. I streamed the great majority of my matches, so there would be no such criticisms.

Sometimes I wonder if people like you are just delusional to the things you really say, and forget what words you used in anger. I don’t care if you play mercy, idc what you do, and only you and a few others know what you did, and if you did nothing then I find it much more likely people were racist/sexist/insulting towards YOU and would have gotten silenced instead saying things publically instead, or maybe that’s who is making this thread :upside_down_face:

Hell, I did it with widow, an even more polarizing hero since at least when I did that climb she wasn’t a preferred dps in most cases and mercy was in fact very needed at all times.

I’m not being a cooperative teammate ofc, but I’m sure I would be a better teammate and a better dps than 99% of the people you end up with. Some teams I was matched into went so far as to blame themselves for my losses, when it was just me missing shots or being out of position. That’s what really tore me up.

edit: oh u play difficult dps in gold that explains a lot

Really not sure how you can link my comment to false reporting…

Alt account but doesn’t really matter. It is funny how you are calling people the problem from your high horse while trying to rank shame people on the forum. Please take the plank from your eye before you report the spec in someone else’s eye.

Ah, toxic gold dps alt account. That’s a classic, and explains even more.

So you are calling other people toxic who are not being toxic. While being toxic yourself. Let me guess you are only toxic on the forums lol.

This happened to my friend, who is physically mute (he cannot talk even if he tried his hardest… and if he dead, he’d sound like something out of a sci-fi horror film speaking (more like shouting) English… and its still less audible than a whisper a foot away. He got banned for abusive chat, even though in text-chat he’s very reasonable and he’s mostly positive. I should know, I’ve kept count on how many games we’ve played together and we duo exclusively (he suffers from decay way more than I did).

Ahahahha oh cmon this is the most loaded comment ive ever heard.

Ive never seen someone complain about a god tier Widow, if the enemies however are running around giving 0 fs about there being a Widow on the enemy team, no one will care you pick off a couple of stragglers after the fight was over and your team got roled.

Doom and Widow are hard carry champs, you either do your job and win fights for your team or you dont. Symms,bastions and torbs have a similar issue, but with them its mostly that they require a team to work around them to be effective most of the time, and not everyone will be in the mood to play around you all the time.

They are the usual suspects for flame because they are such make or break heroes.

they don’t need evidence
and unfortunately they won’t overturn anything like that

that’s everyones problem with this system

it’s a where there’s smoke there’s fire system

that is gamed by toxic stacks and the true toxic element present in game

that reports just stack unjust ones leading to silences, suspentions and now ACCOUNT CLOSURE is a pentalty

with this broken system ?

am I the only one who finds that the trolls in this game have the ability to have your account reported enough to get banned permanently from the game ?

that’s very wrong

blizz start recording the voip if you want to police it

remove ab chat reporting completely

there is a mute button in game, there is a hide chat in game and there is a volume control in game

all someone needs to filter out toxicity

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lmao even if (s)he is, it still isnt reportable.

That might be the mentality on PC. But widows on console get so much hate it’s ridiculous, it wouldn’t matter if you get picks or win fights. People will outright be toxic towards you cause they associate a widow with throwing. Similarly Doom fists gets a lot of hate as well.

Claiming gold damage as the highest damage hero in the game? Lol. Just like junkrat players

I’m not boasting about my skills, I’m boasting about my hero selection :wink:

You’re probably not getting picks and winning fights. That’s why. You’re taking high risk high reward DPS chars and choking. Of course people will be toxic. You put your ego ahead of actually winning in a competitive environment (supposedly). The report system is working as intended.

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Why is it that people will assume and stick with the idea that people are only toxic if you are under performing ? Some people just like to be toxic if you don’t pick the character they want you to play. Just the other day someone told me widow is a throw pick because her “Ult doesn’t clear points”.I’m aware enough to make a switch when it’s not working and actually I’m pretty flexiable and tend to fill, my profile is right there. But the mentality has always been to blame the widow or the doom or what ever niche character that has been picked even if they are doing work. People will never blame the healer who isn’t healing because he/she picked healer and that is some how a blessing, nor will they blame the overextending tank who refuse to group up and has been feeding the entire match, they will blame the niche pick then if there is none they will blame the dps. Granted sometimes the behavior is called for and it is understandable why people may get frustrated we all experience that at some point. My issue is with this blame culture that stems from people lack of understanding for the character and what sort of impact that it could have.

Sadly it isn’t but you can’t tell me he didn’t know its throwing he knew it damn well? Always jumping in solo to instantly die with a character he had no experience with.
Competitive shouldn’t be played like quickplay I mean at Diamond you should be able to expect that right?

Reporting system is broken.

When ppl lose, they get mad and just report their entire team for abusive chat now days regardless of whether they were even in chat or what went on.

If people don’t get endorsements, they assume that they are getting reported, so
they go ahead and report their entire team in retaliation.

If people lose an endorsement level, they get mad and report the last 40 or so ppl they played with in retaliation because someone or group was obviously reporting them to make them lose levels.

When ppl lose they are mad at the enemy team so they report those players for abusive chat.

Anytime there is a duo or trio they blame the other teammates and report them when they lose automatically for abusive chat since they didn’t do everything they told them to.

Also when they think someone deserves gameplay sabotage, they assume that will never be punished (unless they are one tricking widow or something) so they just report them for abusive chat instead.

When ppl get a one day ban that they didn’t deserve in the first place, they are then pissed when they return and report anyone and everyone to make up for it. Filing a few hundred or thousand reports to make up for ppl false reporting you essentially.

None of it makes sense. The reporting system is broken and should be done away with. The reporting system for “gameplay sabotage” is even worse. Supposedly you’re “refusing to switch” even though you turned of voice chat and text chat OFF since people were false reporting you for “abusive chat.” How are you “refusing to switch” when you’re intentionally not communicating with these ppl to avoid more false reports for “abusive chat” since they will be reporting you for that if you make any noise what so ever in the voice comms.

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I’ve done that to my LoL friends for ages.