I'm genuinely speechless


We asked for you to fix Sombra’s Hack, we give you lists upon lists of suggestions and bugs that need fixing, multiple videos and evidence that highlight just how bad Sombra is.
And we get this:

Also not listed:
Sombra’s Translocator now makes a loud beeping sound that can be heard from 20 metres away.

Seriously? You think this is what Sombra needs? Not Hack fixes, not weapon improvements, but “improvements” that make her a better scout?
And on top of that you gave her compensation nerfs for these “improvements”?!

I don’t know what to say at this point, we made who knows how many posts about what Sombra needs and advice on how to fix what your broke, but you completely ignored all of them.

Just remove her from the game already, she served her purpose as a plot device for the non-existent lore and it’s obvious now more than ever that you have no idea what to do with her. So just do us all a favour and remove her so we can all move on.


just delete sombra problem solved


They might as well, it would probably be easier at this point.
At this point I don’t even know if there’s much point protesting these changes because:
They’re not going to listen to feedback regarding the PTR changes, they didn’t with all the feedback we gave them before so why would they now?
They’re not going to revert the changes because A) they hate admitting they made mistakes and B) it’ll open the Pandora’s Box of hero reworks.

At this point it’s safe to say that Sombra will never see widespread serious use, the pros don’t want it and it seems that Blizzard don’t either.


20 Meters away THROUGH WALLS. That’s important, don’t undersell the importance of that completely unwanted, idiotic change.

Also, DO NOT KILL SOMBRA. Fix Sombra’s bugs! That’s ALL you need to do! That’s it! THAT’S SERIOUSLY ALL YOU NEED TO DO!!!


Complete infinite invisibility . Seems like a good power.


That’s the thing, it seems good but you cannot contest an objective, you move slower and they doubled the detection range.
That’s three different compensation nerfs for one buff and they both completely undermine the buff of infinite stealth.
A buff that Sombra doesn’t even need.


Well to be honest invisibility in fps games is a terrible idea.
But I played her on ptr and granted I don’t play her much, so don’t have a set playstyle for Sombra. But I was pretty effective with her. Yes the added distance to detection seemed like it got offset more than I would like…but whatever, I could still kill both healers and widow.


wait the translocated makes a beeping noise


Also a buff no one asked for. Literally, I have never seen anyone ask for an unlimited Stealth buff, not even jokingly. No one wanted this!

Yes, but it’s much quieter on Live, whereas on the PTR it’s a much louder, high-pitched whining noise.


Yup, so not only is it destructible but it’s even easier to find.


Now she can be invisible in the corner and Blizzard can pretend that she doesn’t exist.


I don’t hate this direction but I think she lacks any impact. Sombra could really use a rework… or a solid direction.

Infinite invisibility should be strong but a skill like that would pair better with a hero who can lay traps behind the enemy. If she had say, some emp bombs she could attach onto walls/around corners that would disable enemy abilities when triggered – then her being able to run past the enemies and sneak around could be interesting!

As it is now however, her only focus is to rush the point with the team and her current wonky hack mechanics, poor primary weapon and lack of other dps skills doesn’t allow her to do well in that. She should either be a really great hacker/utility hero with fewer restrictions but poor kill potential or they should make her a more effective dps (or overhaul her original DPS/Support vibes)

Again, I don’t hate these changes because they do buff up her utility and give a bit of freedom, I am just wondering how they will really help in this ever-prevalent DPS-Healer-Barrier playstyle? If there were some nodes on the map or smaller objective points then Sombra could be a killer infiltrator, running to different spots on the map and relaying information back to the team (this isn’t a Moba so having a spy sadly isn’t as big vs making a solid push). If she had another dps/cc skill then she could be a huntress, lurking around trying to find a weak target or blocking the return path of a fallen enemy (“This Sombra keeps killing me on my way back from Spawn! I need an escort…”).

Who is she now, though? At the moment, her best bet is to just get a decent hack off in the middle of a teamfight. Brigitte seems to have earned her name as the “Ult canceler/disruptor” with her 5m shield bash. No one felt safe because she could cancel your skills from across the map! Yet Sombra? She doesn’t give off those vibes at all, it seems. That sounds weird to me and makes me question, what do Blizzard want Sombra to be, exactly?


Are you-

Are you kidding me.

We ask them to fix Sombra and they make her WORSE.



the translocatoer beeping is a good thing

You can use it to set up an ambush


Basically it’s buffs to things we don’t need, and nerf to things that we actually need.

Blizzard is so irrational sometimes.


Yes because we’re totally going to use Sombra’s only viable escape option as a way to lure idiots into an ambush.
Meanwhile for the Sombra players it’s a massive nerf because you can no longer reliably hide a Translocator in a good spot to escape to because you can hear where it is.


I will still keep saying it, even if hack had no cooldown attached she wouldn’t still be competitive level. She needs a rework, sombras design is a complete disaster.


you need to also understand that sombra needs counterplay

if you buff her without giving her any weakness everyone will complain again and nerf her

how do you suggest buffing sombra but also giving her counteplay?


She already has counterplay, it’s called damage and literally every hero can do it.
Every crucial part of her kit can be interrupted by taking literally 1 tick of damage and we have a lot of heroes that can just spray damage willy-nilly and easily shut down Sombra, and her kit really isn’t that strong in comparison to how easy it is to counter.

Instead of just hurling massive changes at her and preemptively giving her massive compensation nerfs they need to take baby steps with her, like fixing her bugs, improving her weapon by tightening its bullet spread a little, make Hack more effective to balance out how simple it is to shut down.

What this PTR patch should have just been is a longer translocator time that could be cancelled and bug fixes for Hack, not infinite this and infinite that with massive nerfs to make said changes irrelevant.


her recent buff before they nerfed her was the best example of her having almost no counterplay

even pros that like playing sombra like danteh said she was busted, “damage” isnt really a counterplay and can be used on literally any overpowered hero