Im afraid that people will laugh at my voice

lmfao what are these posts duuuuuude there are some 12-15 year olds in gm and no1 makes fun of them for their voice just play the game and if u wanna talk do it. communication is the key to victory

Sing this as loud as you can every morning while taking a shower:

Also: If anyone is rude towards you in VC just mute them and you stripped them off all their power with 1 simple click.

you could always play with me and my friends if you would like. we are pretty chill and coolio. we really wont care what your voice sounds, we just play to have fun and joke around.

High school kids are stupid and will make fun of anyone for anything. Don’t worry about it. Just do it!

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Just talk and mute the a-holes who make fun of your voice. Don’t let the toxic people control when you speak on this game

I can only say good luck, i hope you not gona meet people who gona make fun of you, like i got for my bad english and speaking problems.

Sing some Johnny Cash for while

Communication is key, especially in Competitive. If haters harass you because of the sound of your voice then they’re sabotaging their chances to achieve victory in the match. If you’re constructively communicating, your heart is in the right place. You’re being competitive.

At one point we all had the squeak or teenage voice fluctuations. Stay the course and speak your mind; if they’re trying to bring you down they’re already below you.


i have cerebral palsy and my left side is paralyzed and i have a lisp because of it

i actually rarely ever get called out on it, and if they do they’re almost always just jerks that are hateful towards everyone anyways


Time to listen to the Powers that be.

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if no one laughs at the things we speak to each other, whats the point of society? are we all robots? simply beeping orders at each other? enjoy people having fun. don’t be afraid to join in. if they quip u, mock back. if they giggle, chuckle in reply. if they are cold and cruel then the world has already crushed them and u can hold urself up as an example they can follow back to the light.

don’t give urself an excuse to not have fun cause those are times when u miss out on life.

What if it’s an extremely toxic person with an obnoxious, nasally voice though? I’d mute but choose not to just for giggles.

I am a girl and when I was a teen I was very afraid to speak online. Girl+teen+insecure just didn’t seem like it would lead to anything good when speaking online. But one day I gathered enough courage and decided to speak to people who I grown very close to. They told me that actually I have a very nice voice – was very surprising to me, I never thought my voice sounded good. So I could easily talk to them, but I was still pretty shy when talking to strangers. What helped me finally be able to speak in OW is one game of simple call outs.

I started off small, simple “hi” at the beginning of the game, asking what I should play. Telling people if someone is flanking us. And those small things kept adding up until I basically became a shotcaller.

Now a days I don’t like doing it because I talk so much my voice dies out and comp is cancer to put it simply but I know I can do it if I want to.

As for people making fun of your voice. There was a time when I convinced some people I am a 12 year old boy – after they tried to flirt with me, needless to say it was awkward but hilarious at the same time. I personally think that the best way to get along with people online is to never take them too seriously, if they make fun of you, laugh with them, make fun of them back. You will never meet those people and they will likely forget you exist in the next game you play. Might as well enjoy the little time you have with these strangers instead of creating drama and animosity.

And it’s very possible your voice isn’t even as bad as you think. And you said you are 16, it’s possible your voice will change even more. Also remember, you are playing a game that people of all ages play. I’ve been in games with kids, and teens who’s voices crack, women, and men who try to make their voices sound more feminine. Maybe someone comments on those things, and maybe the comment is a bit insulting but usually someone else speaks up and just says “don’t” or something. And those comments I wouldn’t even say they are outright toxic – not at a level where I was called numerous insulting to women names along with insulting stereotypes, to put it mildly.

I had the same problem. I try not to think about my voice and shot call anyway. Whenever I’m asked “Are you a girl or a 12 year old boy” I get really self conscious though.

I basically just did my best to block out my anxiety and just talk anyway. After all, you can only deal with anxiety by exposing yourself to the thing that makes you anxious. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe start slow. Start with only saying hello and then move up to occasional small call outs and then you could eventually feel comfortable shotcalling all game.

I did this and I’ve found myself shotcalling all game without any problems.

Tompowers are you Dutch by any chance ? :slight_smile: If so I remember you from a long time ago haha.

If you make the decision to join voice and actually have the courage to make callouts, then youre already doing more than 90% of other players are willing to invest into the match. By doing so youre basically like a group leader and you add more to the team as a whole than just your personal skill on your hero.

If you do this successfully you will win more games and people will respect you for that. People who decide to make fun of your voice are immature and dont know what they are talking about. Just mute them and move on. Dont let your gamepleay experience be ruined by the words of others.

Hey don’t worry about it too much my dude. I’m a girl with a pretty deep voice and my friend has a slight speech impediment but we’ve never had someone say something about our voices. If you’re positive imo you’re bringing more good to the game ,so I say go for it!

It is really difficult dealing with people who make fun of others and especially our voice. :frowning:

Our voices isn’t something we can just change easily either. I am a skilled musician whom plays Pipe Organ and yet people wonder why i do not sing. Infact during my studies during summer courses in music performance we were required to take voice. Believe it or not they WAIVED me from choir requirements and told me to just to stick with accompaniment, which I could agree that it was NICE not to sing. As it was quite humiliating to me.

It is interesting to find out that people whom have the unique “voices” can actually do voice acting for cartoons. The goofy voices pay OFF and can be entertaining at the same time, if a person knows how to capitalize their voice. Just look at Kristen Schaal from Bob’s Burgers. Her voice sounds VERY young and I am sure it is difficult for her to call someone on the phone and have them take her seriously. But at the same time shes been in a successful career path with it.

For the issues with voice chat. I guess a good quality-of-life change would be to look into a Box that plugs into your mic-path and allows you to change what is called the “timbre”. (tam-ber). I am still looking online for the perfect unit so I really cannot recommend one. But it MIGHT help you out :slight_smile:

Hi! I was looking for patch notes and happened to stumble upon this. I’m gay and I sound very gay, I had a hard time with voice chat for a long time and I actually wrote this essay about the experience.

advocate DOT com/commentary/2018/2/08/how-i-got-over-my-gay-voice-fears

The community is not as harsh as you might think it will be. If you’re being harassed, report, mute, and move on. It doesn’t happen to me very often.