Im afraid that people will laugh at my voice

Hell everyone, i hope to get some Kind of help here… I love to talk, im a very positive person and I think my voice is pretty normal for a 16 years old. Its not really really deep but also not this Kind of annoying teenager voice. I think its a pretty standard one but in school people made fun of it because i had bracers and since then im just so insecure to talk… somebody got a good advice?


If you already a positive person you are miles ahead of most people. Just keep being you amgio. Positive people attract other positive people. Their gaming experiences tend to be more enjoyable as a result.


i’m a 19 year old girl with a very deep voice.
who cares. i join vc. no one laughs at me.
If you join my vc, i will not laugh at you.


It’s really hard to talk. I have my anxieties about it still for my own reasons. So instead of trying to jump into the driver’s seat, try easing yourself in by allowing others to lead. When someone says hi, say hi back. If someone’s doing an icebreaker like asking about your day, answer it nicely and ask them in return how they’re feeling. If people are shotcalling, get in a few yourself, like a quick “Reaper behind!” Jump in when you sense an opening to contribute. You don’t have to be the team lead at all.


Being made fun of can be a terrible experience. It can erode your confidence and leave you with scars. I understand. But support, love, kindness, empathy, positive reinforcement also have an effect! And we all need that! We’re humans. We’re not unbreakable. We have feelings.

My advice is, team up with friendly people. Not everyone will be as friendly as people should be to each other but trust me, Overeatch has some real, honestly decent people. Just like with every community - There are bad people but just as many good ones. :slight_smile:

And when you team up with nice, kind people, they will help get over the insecurities over your voice.

And look I’m sure you’re fine. Just keep spreading that positivity and when people are nice and accepting with you, be sure to forward the favor to the next player! You never know who’s in need of a kind word and some friendliness and support.


@MerlinBrando Thanks for that, always makes me laugh ^^

@ RichC-11971 Yeah thats probably true but even if im like really want to talk there is something deep down that kinda blocks it…

What Evenstar said here:


Record yourself saying ‘hello team’ and then bind it to a soundboard.
Then you can hit a button and don’t even have to really have to say a word.

Maybe that would ease you in?


My voice can be compared to that of D.Va; it really makes me self-conscious because I’ve always been told I sound like a mouse or a little girl (I’m in my 20s). But eventually, I just joined VC and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

Unfortunately, you get annoying people who will make fun of anything just to be toxic. However, once you drop in VC it’ll be like overcoming a hurdle, then it’ll be pretty okay from then on.

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@Evenstar Also thank you for the nice words, Ill try my best to find nice people

If you’re a positive guy, people will love to have you in their team, no matter your voice :slight_smile:

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You can add me if you’d like, but I play during weird hours. M-F 10:30am -1:30pm PST.

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Thats really late but Who cares, how Do I add People from here? ^^

It summarized my advice succinctly.

If you have any friends you play with, maybe group up with them and join group chat and do call-outs/use comms with them to ease yourself into it. Talking to strangers can be daunting even online. And if you’re solo only, just focus on essential call-outs at first. If someone ELSE is on comms and is helping out, you joining in and being positive in comms can help the entire team.

There’s gonna be people who are toxic and will find something to say. ANYTHING. They know nothing about you so they will even make stuff up sometimes. It isn’t you, it’s a THEM problem. Some people like to argue for arguments sake and some people get really angry at video games and take it out on faceless strangers.

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Do you live in 2001?

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What Do you mean ?..

a while back i never really used to chat in public voice much, not really out of any ‘fear’ or ‘anxiety’, it just never appealed to me. eventually just realised how huge of an advantage it can be to be that one person that leads (or at least tries to get a team talking) a team in voice. i like making that difference in my matches and i think talking in voice has made me a far better player over the year and a half or so i’ve been doing it.

i’ve been part of a few teams, and just through meeting new people, talking in voice is just a normal thing for me. i find it uncomfortable to go into a competitive game and not talk to the randoms in my match.

as a summary - who cares if you sound x, y or z? get talking, meet some people and have a good time. there’s crap people on the internet all the time, i usually try and help them chill, and if that doesn’t work, just mute and carry on.

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Do “pretend sessions”. I have anti-social tendencies myself, yet my line of work requires me to do talks for dozens of people. First you need to recognize you fear, which I understand you just did, then you need to turn fear into something casual, something you’ll be bored with.

Get on QP, or maybe even comp, have your mic in your face, talk as if you had everyone listening, do shot calling, target calling, everything… Just be off chat. You’ll be actually talking to yourself.

If you have a friend you are comfortable with, could do a similar thing with them. Mute your mic to team chat, but join your friend in Discord. You listen to team chat, but talk only to your friend you’re comfortable with.

Couple of days of that and then you’ll join chat and won’t even realize you were talking out of butt.

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I thought people stopped being this dump a long time ago, no one makes fun of bracers because it’s a normal thing these days. +You shouldn’t take the opinion of kids seriously, there is nothing wrong with bracers and having an accent is not a bad thing. in fact, people will find you more interesting when you talk in a weird way or with an accent.

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