Im afraid that people will laugh at my voice

I used to have this issue at 16 - the best way of dealing with it is just to think ‘**** it’ and be yourself. Rather than worry about how you are coming across, worry about how your team could be doing better. Your voice is your voice, it is part of your esscence and you are being silly to be embarrassed by it.

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Just stick to the general rule of less is more and you should be fine. “Reaper left” isn’t really a lot space to get it wrong. Where as “Guys, guys Reaper on me to the left help!! Help I’m dead great” isn’t really a call out.

Honestly the only think that annoys me in chat is up speak, where every line ends with an up pitch as if it’s a question. Being that’s not voice, accent, age, sex, lisp or a studder one can’t really control, it’s just really lazy valley talk and a pet peeve of mine.

but very few people mind if a person has a squeaky or annoying voice, unless they never, ever shut up in game. Call outs are not meant to be conversations.

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You really don’t have to wonder whether someone will insult you on the internet.
It’s literally a random-generator of what kind of insult someone will use, really.
Imagine them rolling a dice or something and simply outputting the results.

I’d start getting anxious if people on the internet suddenly stopped insulting me at some point.

Really, it’s nothing personal, mate, that’s just how the internet works. Everyone gets their share.
You dont need to be on voice. I bet people have insulted you without you even being on there.
The internet will insult for the sake of insulting.
You could upload a picture of a cute puppy on twitter and there would be 10 guys insulting you for doing so in some way or form.

There will be a minority of people who will insult you for whatever they roll on their dice.
Everyone gets that.

It’s nothing personal.
You have nothing to worry about, because it has absolutely nothing to do with you. :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s dumb sometimes, but happens rarely.

Pick up some people on the forums here, so you get a better representation.


@OP if you play, talk, breathe, you’ll get insulted on the internet. But if you don’t talk you’ll miss out on those good encounters. Be cool and normal, respect your peers and disregard fools !

Please add, will laugh at your voice 10/10

It’s nice to see the support RichC, Evenstar and others are offering. Playing with people who you know appreciate you is always a good idea- but for the love of god, if you do any group size that is under six, please use team chat. I don’t care how bad someone’s voice, nerves, or mic is, any communication is better than none. I learned my lesson, that being insecure doesn’t let you win- even if it’s small, every step outside your comfort zone is another expansion to your comfort zone. Let the world be your zone.

For some practical solo queue advice, I would recommend perhaps finding a performance voice or voices to use during situations like this. I’m doing training to voice act, and usually I don’t really speak in the same voice as much as I speak in many different voices and imitations of celebrities or characters throughout the match to show emotion, react to a situation, or just try to make someone in the chat laugh. Something I learned from the late great Robin Williams is that versatility is key. Doing lots of voices, experimenting and doing impressions, is key to giving yourself some confidence and giving others a reason to smile. Doesn’t have to be perfect, but just making something funny is often a good way to keep your team going and maintaining some morale.

Hope this helps!

The biggest problem you have here is that you care what people think about you , stop giving a f… and if people make fun of you don’t give them more ammo, just mute them and play. This button exists for a reason you know.

I am over 30 years old, and i was super nervous to start using voice chat… then when i finally started slowly giving some minor call outs, or answering to questions, I felt like no one listened to me at all, and everyone ignored whatever I had to say. I felt kinda bad for a week or two, but then it hit me - I had had the mic off for the whole time :’D

I turned the mic on, and all of a sudden everything was a lot better.

Granted, in too many games there are folks just trolling the chat or being outright obnoxious and toxic, but at the other end of the spectrum there are so many nice people to play and interact with. I’ve met some people that way that I am still playing with, over a year since.

Just be you, be respectful, and if treated bad just mute the Person or leave team chat entirely for the rest of the match and avoid them.

Good luck, have fun and know that there are plenty of nice people playing :slight_smile:

I think you shouldn’t care about what other people might think of your voice in Overwatch. Being a good voice or a bad voice it really doesn’t matter. If you keep your positive attitude and give good calls they will love you. If they laugh about your voice or something just keep in mind that they are very immature and need to grow up and realize they are in 2019 and they are just strangers on the internet.

People you meet in the game are complete strangers. They don’t care about you past the game you share. You will most likely never meet them again. Now ask yourself: “Why would I care what they think of me?”

Hey my voice sounds like garbage over a mic AND in real life and no one has made fun of me for it. Go for it!

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They’re strangers on the internet. Take pride in annoying them with no effort the same way I do with my endless allergies.

lmfao what are these posts duuuuuude there are some 12-15 year olds in gm and no1 makes fun of them for their voice just play the game and if u wanna talk do it. communication is the key to victory

Sing this as loud as you can every morning while taking a shower:

Also: If anyone is rude towards you in VC just mute them and you stripped them off all their power with 1 simple click.

you could always play with me and my friends if you would like. we are pretty chill and coolio. we really wont care what your voice sounds, we just play to have fun and joke around.

High school kids are stupid and will make fun of anyone for anything. Don’t worry about it. Just do it!

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Just talk and mute the a-holes who make fun of your voice. Don’t let the toxic people control when you speak on this game

I can only say good luck, i hope you not gona meet people who gona make fun of you, like i got for my bad english and speaking problems.

Sing some Johnny Cash for while

Communication is key, especially in Competitive. If haters harass you because of the sound of your voice then they’re sabotaging their chances to achieve victory in the match. If you’re constructively communicating, your heart is in the right place. You’re being competitive.

At one point we all had the squeak or teenage voice fluctuations. Stay the course and speak your mind; if they’re trying to bring you down they’re already below you.