If you want better teammates - earn them

Just a micro rant on people love to blame and flame others at the same SR as them.

  • If you want a more reactive healer? Climb.
  • You want a tank to take more space? Climb.
  • You want your DPS to get picks? Climb.

The likelihood is that you suck just as much as the person you are flaming but in a different way.

You are not good enough to demand what you are demanding from your team mates yet.

There are obvious exceptions - smurfs who skew your perception of the level at your rank, brand new players in gold when they should be in bronze, the sole diamond or silver player in a plat lobby - but mostly, you have exactly what you deserve.

Just play the game.


Not really a fair argument when I have to rely on 5 other people to win. It takes effort from everyone to win and if 1 person pops off like crazy and does really good but the rest of the team are not pulling their weight then chances are you might lose.

It’s not a single player game where I can practise until my fingers bleed but I feel satisfaction when I finally get the job done cause I don’t have to rely on others.


Yeah, but at the same time your expected to be as good as the master’s DPS smurf in
low diamond.

Little issues are building up all over the place making the whole game a mess for everyone, no matter the SR.


I’ve never thought about how much I expect from people in OW but thinking about it just now I expect them to be at least as good as their rank.


What kind of logic is this?
How do you climb if you are only getting bad teams? That is the whole reason ppl aks for it on the first place. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

if they are high rank they would already have them.


Spoiler - you can’t climb because you aren’t better than them. Those “bad teams” are the same level as you.


Yeah, it’s far more achievable that I should magically improve by 100% to ‘earn better teammates’ rather than asking Blizzard to have a decent matchmaker that would, y’know, give me teammates that are at my level consistently or anything.

You’re basically demanding that I raise the chicken to make my own omlette rather than going to the store to buy some eggs; insane amounts of effort for something that could be solved rather easily on the back end of things.

People are allowed to be whatever skill they’re at; and it’s perfectly fine to ask for teammates that are ‘at your level’. When I complain about my potato teammates it’s because it’s a clearly lopsided game where my teammates and enemies are not equally matched. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a fair game.




Then that just makes climbing impossible unless you use a smurf.

Except that is not even the case most of the time. Lower elos are mix of bad players and smurs being pocketed.


I listed a whole bunch of exceptions including unfair games. If you don’t flame team mates on your level, you shouldn’t be triggered by this post.

I see people flaming their teammates after the first checkpoint only to go on and win the game. So the game wasn’t as unbalanced as they claimed.

Lol no. It means you are not good enough to be at the rank above and that’s why you are with those players you claim are “bad” but are really just as good as you are and you can’t see it.

Which I already mentioned but this isn’t “most” of the time. Maybe you don’t flame the standard player at your rank. In which case, you shouldn’t be triggered by this post.

This is for people that consistently flame “bad players” at the same rank although the system has shown you are a “bad player” too.


Right on the money bro, the whine and whine, but they do not climb…So, yeah, want better teams, earn them.
Best post ever…wish I could reward you somehow…


This thread is equivalent of someone asking you to learn how to drive and then locks the keys inside the car.


Are you saying if you are actually a rank better than your SR, you won’t climb?


yeah I never understood the logic of people calling you bad If they are the same rank as you. They’re basically calling themselves bad too.


Someone seems to fail to appreciate how buddy pairs vs. solo queue strongly influence the game, and the lack of balance between roles which is unaccounted for in matchmaking.

I know GM’s think most Diamonds suck, so you might be onto something there :slight_smile:

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The people that complain about their teammates in a lower rank and eventually climb to a higher rank are still the same people that will complain about their teammates in a higher rank too. Their team is always bad. Enemy team is always good.


I believe I account for this in “lone Diamond/Silver in the plat lobby”.

Those two things are the causes but I believe the result is that people are in the game that they shouldn’t be.

However, if you are plat and there is a silver in your team, why would you flame the silver? I understand being mad at blizzard for them being in your game but you can’t blame a silver for playing like they are silver.


That is the mindset of low rank player. Look at any unranked to gm challenge. Do they rely on something? No, they just know what to use and abuse against those who think your way.


To be clear - this isn’t about rank shaming.

Be at your rank but don’t complain about others at your rank.


Telling ppl what causes their issue is not shaming for the issue.

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