If you want better teammates - earn them

Mostly true, although it is wise to note that the matchmaker doesn’t always give you an even chance to win every game and that is intentional by design. Smurfs are also becoming a bigger problem in the game. Not just that they aren’t their true rank but also that the matchmaker places better players with newer accounts. The matchmaker assigns a level of certainty to each account based on how much it thinks you belong where you belong. For Smurf accounts, that level of certainty is low and in return it assigns better players to their team because it isn’t sure if they actually belong at the rank they are currently at.

Smurfs in general are very detrimental to the game because for each smurf account you are taking SR from people who maybe didn’t deserve to loose that game and locking it away in the hands of the few top players. Smurf accounts are essentially SR traps, in that they accumulate a lot of other people’s SR while not actually adding a new top tier player to the game. This creates downward pressure on the ranking system because of the added random variable that could cost you SR.


I’m not asking you to track posts. I referred to literally the very first post in this topic. If it’s too much for you to read the first post in a topic, I’ll draw a pretty picture just for you next time instead.

Now let me ask you since you brought up the match maker. Does it make sense for you to flame your team mates if it’s the match maker that is at fault?

This point is what I’ve seen confirmed. The rest is speculation from what I understand.

What the certainty does is regulate SR gain and SR loss.

I’ve seen posts from people saying that it affects team mates you get but never a confirmation on this.

I have 3 accounts and have a similar experience on all. All are at almost exactly the same rank too.


No one cares bro about this silly comment of yours. I mean it.

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So you now you do care? I’m confused?

Also, you missed the point.

It’s not about “getting good”, it’s about “stop flaming your team mates”.

I also acknowledged the other factors and still think it’s not a reason to flame team mates. I would seriously consider reading the first post in topics to avoid these misunderstandings in future.


There are some problems with your logic here. You probably could’ve/should’ve just said “If you want better teammates – climb.” And your other message here, I guess is, “Don’t be frustrated by frustrating things,” which is an interesting bit of advice. But I don’t know that insulting people makes them more receptive to your message.

Overwatch as a game is just not very good, and there are lots and lots problems with it which understandably lead to frustration. At this point the “sorting problem” in Overwatch is so bad, that for most, it probably lends itself to more practice and improvement than people care to make. I don’t disagree with them. I believe the skill required to get out of lower ranks at this stage of the game’s lifecycle is problematically high.


This is so stupid.
“I don’t have a problem so there is no problem.” Like hush with that.

Other than making a pre-made team of similar skilled team mates (which not everyone can do) its entirely random who you get paired against/with.

But this is obviously a sad attention seeking post from a bored player that wants to get off on people arguing online so my comment is pointless


If you can’t beat them
Join em

I think that’s fair - probably a little more inflammatory that it needed to be.

The point isn’t that OW is perfect though. It’s that flaming your team mates never makes sense. I still stand by that.

Perhaps (I’ll admit, I am bored). This doesn’t change my point. And at no point did I say that there is no problem. Let me reverse this. Why is it ok to flame team mates?


Bruh. Not being rude is literally free. Like it costs nothing.


Fair enough. I mostly tend to agree with your key points though. I think the tension between teammates is because people, over time, tend to see other players as actively sabotaging their efforts (both intentionally and unintentionally). Multiply this times hundreds or thousands of separate instances of this, and I think it becomes a real challenge for people to keep their calm.

The only real solution is to have non-outcome related Overwatch goals, which is to say, completely disconnecting from the outcome of any given match, instead focusing on personal goals or areas of improvement.


As I am a pro Bronze player, I never cared about anything else but myself…sooooo. GG


Yes I believe you are right on the cause. Especially if you are on a losing streak and feel you’ve played well.

It’s hard to maintain perspective at that point.

I also agree on the goals not being related to SR. If you see SR as a reflection of where you, not as a score to achieve then it helps me anyway.

I get angry at team mates but I do not flame anyone.

Never change brother. Everyone knows bronze is the real Overwatch League


So you acknowledge that a player can experience bad games, unfair matches, and trolls. I do not think it is so much a matter of climbing as people are annoyed at experiencing those types of matches.

Wanting to climb is not the same as wanting fair matches with people who have equal skill, game sense, and common tactical knowledge (grouping, rotations, etc.)

I have played this game since Season 1, and yes I will often get terrible teammates OR opponents that ruin matches for people. On my main account I am high diamond/Low Masters in Support, and yet I have been in games in Gold on this account where I am expected to carry people who constantly stagger, feed, and 1v6 ult. It does not matter to me because I will still climb back to where I belong. However for people to suggest that teammates can not hinder your progress are not being intellectually honest.

I will say though that I agree with you that things get better the higher you climb because you can count of your team to be more consistant, and to at least know the basics. You have to just ignore the bad players, and continue to perform well even if you are at a disadvantage. It is also a waste of energy to insult your teammates during a match.

I don’t look down on people who happen to have a couple bad games with people and wanna vent on a forum. Matter of fact I would rather they vent here, and not at their team in actual games.


I don’t really agree with the logic behind your argument.

“If you want to not be bogged down by improper teammates who contribute to your loss, win and get better ones”.

I cannot do that if I’m getting bad teammates, like the Reinhardt who does not know they have a shield button. I will not blame them solely, but if I am on support - I kind of have to rely on my teammates. A lot.

It is not as easy as, “just climb, then”. I have to rely on them for a win, and if I cannot possess the skills to cover all of those bases single-handedly, then what am I supposed to do?


So how do I get non-bronze players in qp against master and gm opponents?

When I git gud, game puts me into babysit mode where I must carry one star newbie players against smurfs and who else and then we can’t even get out of spawn. :woman_shrugging:

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what about the masters DPS in bronze?

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just announce your a smurf in the spawn room and demand a mercy pocket… You’ll get your way. Everyone will pocket their cash-cow…

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It’s like telling a great QB in a bad franchise with bad teammates to win a Super Bowl.


Those other 5 people are also relying on you. This is what needs to get into people’s heads.
And if you really are that great, over time, on average you should climb, and get the better teammates.


I fully agree with this. I might vent in voice to a friend or vent on the forums. But straight calling them trash is what I don’t like.

Whether it’s my team or not.

E.g. I was living in the backline killing this support over and over and they typed DPS diff. And I countered that “no, you were too easy to kill”. That support expected their DPS to kill our supports with the ease I was killing him, not thinking that he was actually very easy to kill and needed to work on staying alive.

If he didn’t say anything, that’s ok but to start to blame their teammates is where it is just contributes to the toxicity.

I do acknowledge you will have games where you are doing extremely well and you just wish the Rein/Mercy/whatever didn’t make that obvious mistake but I also believe most people don’t even know the mistakes they are making a lot of the time.