If you guys nerf one of my mains, I'm just gonna find a new game

If you find a new game of this genre better than this that isnt just some battle royale please share so I could play it instead.

Tf2 dont count cause Valve neglect

Bonus points if its a VR title

Bruh ive Mained mercy, sym, sombra, orisa, and d.va.

All of which had either been reworked to a state I hate or guttered to being unplayable. How do you think I feel?

Or don’t have main. I don’t understand this main concept. You have a game with lots of heroes, especially DPS role, but you always play the same. It’s boring.

1 less Scumbra player - WOOHOO!!

The devs know who players consider the most annoying (not just normal annoying, but REALLY annoying) heroes to play against, or at least the most hated abilities, and will keep those heroes out of getting buffs to give them high pick-rates forever thankfully. Including

Sombra : hack from invisibility (the combo is the problem)
Mei : freeze
Bastion : damage
Symm : turret spam

I would add ana with sleep but for some reason she gets a free pass with both her OP abilities. Those heroes are deliberately kept in a position that they will always have low pick-rates (mei escaped this for a while but they soon realised the error and “fixed” her).

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I recommend you do it asap. I don’t think this game and its sequel has a bright future from what I have seen in the last 4 years.

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Something I will agree with, Developer willing to throw their community into abyss to increase development speed on sequel.
Developer not willing to make systems that actually have impact cough Endorsement system cough, and rather make systems that try to sweep the problems under a rug.
I honestly wouldn’t want to Buy Overwatch again after knowing what it has turned into.

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That’s why you main multiple heroes in all roles.

Hack is so easy to counter. The translocator nerf is gonna ruin her.
Mei can die while freezing or she will have to reload.
Bastion just sucks. It’s not his damage its his fire rate.
Sym’s turrets take a while to charge. Turrets rely on positioning and not being seen by enemies.

I main Sombra and Sym. They are extremely underpowered.

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I don’t ever even play her :frowning:
I just like the hero.

Also reported for trolling.

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And, as I said, they will remain that way because the devs are deliberately making the choice to keep the most annoying abilities out of most games. And I, for one, am glad.

So what if they are annoying? All heroes are annoying in their own ways dude. Tracer with blinks, Ana with sleep, Hog with hook, D.va with DM, Hammond as a whole. The list goes on.


How dare he have fun by only playing sombra.


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Sombra at low ranks is literally just an annoyance. She’s rarely getting solo kills, and communicating with your team is like trying to communicate with wild animals. You can talk all you want, but it seems no one will understand you.

Yeah at low ranks it sucks to lose your abilities for 5 seconds. But thats literally all that happens most of the time. You’ll almost always survive the encounter


So your main is someone that annoys other people?
I guess a reason to like her is her personality

I actually main the current meta heroes minus ashe rn, because sombra is pretty trash, and I don’t want to lose games.

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Wow, so sad. Just so you know they blocked the post for all of 10 seconds before reading it and realising you were false reporting. Shame they don’t have a false reporting report option for people like you.

I missed where it was called Sombrawatch.

I was over here scratching my head trying to figure out how and why they decided to nearly double hack’s cast time…like yikes.

But thankfully they said it’s not expected for any of these to make it live

  1. that’s not how that works. A post is hidden after a few flags from the community and is removed over time or if it reviewed by a mod.

  2. being hateful and rude about the hero I like playing and directing it at me is not okay.

Guys Sombra is WAYYYY to weak in custom games rn. Last place in kill to grow every time