If you guys nerf one of my mains, I'm just gonna find a new game

Literally every hero has been nerfed I don’t see the problem. I play Doomfist. Tanks.

Good for you, I guess. lol

Honestly though is this supposed to be a threat that you’re gonna leave the game? Because it’s certainly not intimidating.

(Also the changes are only for the tournament unless the community likes them, which many people don’t like this one so you should be okey dokey)

No. I really didn’t want to come off that way either, and I’m sorry if I did. I honestly love this game but I’m praying that don’t nerf sombra.

Ok. Text is hard to tell tone, hah.

Yea, sorry about the scare that they are gonna nerf your main/mains… I play Mercy so not much has really happened to her, and I didn’t even notice the D.Va nerf until someone brought it up. Widow nerf was pretty annoying though so I kinda understand what you feel.

Good luck though, and I don’t think they’re actually gonna nerf her though (see Expectation Setting for the Upcoming OWL Tournament Experimental Mode)

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having a main is not the same as one-tricking. moira is my main because i play her most of the time. but i’m not a one-trick. i still play other heroes.