If you guys nerf one of my mains, I'm just gonna find a new game

The sombra nerfs that the OWL “pros” suggested would incinerate sombra into smithereens… and tbqh, I don’t even know what that is! but, It would happen…

So, yeah. My point is if you nerf sombra (who a rarely play already because she is so garbage rn) I’m just gonna leave and play some other game until OW2 releases, and then hopefully she will still be playable atleast against easy mode bots in PvE missions…



or change main. that’s okay too.


Have you considered that you might not actually enjoy the game if you’d quit over one hero’s temporary position in balance?


That’s not how you spell it

I only do workshop and chill servers rn, and the occasional QP.

Source: C’mon trust me bro.


when they said sombra was really oppressive in the lower ranks thats when i knew the whole thing was a joke. im sure blizzard wont take that change seriously…

i hope lol…


People have said that about a few things, and some of those things happened

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If the majority of your gaming is in workshop, what do you care about the nerf anyway? Also, good looking out on the typo.


because I want to have my favorite hero not be total trash?

I mean— I get your point with all this, but I honestly am hanging on to this god forsaken game by a tattered thread, and a sombra nerf would put a blade to the thread.


TBF to OP Sombra’s design makes her trash for ladder playstyles but amazing in teamplay (Contenders/OWL) so if they do nerf her it will be disregarding the actual playerbase and balancing purely for the 0.01% of the population


in a way thats the problem with this game on how the heroes are designed. when blizzard scratches their head wondering why no one really plays their game i think they can look at this as one of the real major problems. that and matchmaking and queue times and a lot of issues. i mean i dont blame people sometimes.

you probably just have to learn a new hero one that is meta and easy to use… like mccree lol. or any hitscan character really

They really need to move her kit


From Hack


I’d be bummed. Luckily it seems like that wouldn’t ever hit live servers.

But even then, if they nerf Sombra, I have many other heroes to fall back on. It’d be a bummer, but I’d live.

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Oh I agree, or just revert her hack back to 6s duration and leave contenders/owl at 5s, it’s such a small difference between the two but would make her at least viable for Sombra mains in ladder

Either way, her last balance change was a year ago, I’d do anything for increased viability in ladder

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That what happens when you cater to GM nerds. Which is 1% the playerbase. You get trash characters like sombra.

They should separately balance the game away from GM and OWL.

Or balanced the game in like 3 tiers.

It would be less balancing overall. Because they wouldn’t have to re balance heroes over and over.

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This isn’t a airport we don’t need to know about your departure

It is getting lots of clicks and responses including yours. So I actually feel their departure is a hot topic.

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14 replies, 93 views. Yeah this threads just booming!
You’re right in a sense, people love to click on crying posts

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I really think most of the hysteria just comes from fearmongering. If they wanted to nerf Sombra, they would have done it already. The whole gimmick of all of this was to have a tournament with balance decisions decided by pro players. Us getting to play with the changes is only secondary.

Switch to Torb, more fun.

Dont let them get to you so easily! Rise above and be as hard to kill as the adaptable Zerg. Like I say, no-matter what I will go down with this ship. Play your main no-matter how many nerfs they get. Be defiant, and once they get buffs back you will already be fully honed.

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