If moira had a child do you think she'd soften up?

Not like she would want a kid to begin with. If she did it would probably be out of interest/experimental purposes.

She wouldn’t do it the traditional way either. She’d probably give her chosen partner a handy and collect the juices in a test tube and grow the baby in a vat. Kind of disappointing tbh. Not that a handy is bad, but her partner would probably have a pretty dead bedroom.

Not sure how she would choose her partner also. Based on eugenics? Or would she brainwash and engineer a suitable specimen to be her ideal partner? Doubt there’d be any love in the relationship.

Do you think she’d turn her child into a perfect human/living weapon? Or try to do that and realize its kind of bad to do that.


she’d experiment on it to make it better. And if that failed, well, she can always produce another one.


Yeah that’s pretty much what I expected. Part of me likes to think she has some kind of feelings buried inside though.

I think if Moira had a baby I think she would have it naturally and wouldn’t treat it like an experiment.

Also the way Moira defends Reaper after retribution shows she can care for at least someone.

Though if she was to have a child the way you claim I would suspect it would be with Reaper in case there was a way to try and fix him using the child’s DNA


Moira would probably use the fruits of her experiments on her child. I don’t think she would experiment new techniques on her own child as that’s incredibly risky even though Moira’s weakness is her poor understanding of risk/caution.

I think she would be a great mother and let her kid explore and intellectual simulate themselves, just like her childhood.


Moira has several kids. Some are clones, some are test tube babies, she needed a few different versions of them for her work

I met one by sheer coincidence while grabbing coffee in Barcelona, his name is Randy and he’s 25. Nice guy


No. If anything, the kid would be even more amoral than her, maybe even evil.

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That kid would be a science experiment and you know it

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I guess it’d depend on if she raises him as an experiment or a potential scientist.


No, she’d experiment on it.

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Your fanfic is showing again


PDASKDKSADKSAD pls it would make sense if she was going to do some weird experiment baby :sob:


I don’t think reaper would cheat on his ex-wife tbh. And I don’t see moira sneaking into his bed to give him nighttime handies just for his sake.

Though I wouldn’t mind moira sneaking into my bed.

(Compound V intensifys)

Look at Moira holding little baby on the sims

so cute


:purple_circle: :mage:

Her name is DamageOrb


Cute. But who’s the dad?

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Think that’s obvious :sunglasses:

Clearly it’s Mercy



Who knows, maybe Moira has kids and is an excellent parent

Maybe Moira manages to keep a strong line between their work and home life, breaking that kooky scientist trope a bit. Or it could be the opposite – Moira’s intense approach to science and willingness to sacrifice and push other people to their limits could be due to a private desire to save some fragile person dear to 'em

Or to push it further… maybe Moira is like Dottore :thinking: Multiple clones at different stages of their life - young Moira, old Moira, clones upon clones all created at different moments so to explore their unique perspectives. The younger one will one day inherit Moira’s place in the world and push their research further than ever before :exploding_head:


How do you cheat on your ex? They are your ex.

I mean feelings wise.