If McCree is renamed I'm out

So that attitude was unnecessary but go off. But he was their co-worker. I’ll grant that I don’t know how many of them are that upset by it, but neither do you. It’s equally as absurd to argue that this change was exclusively for brownie points from the community.

So who’s was it? I doubt the CEO of blizzard made this decision himself.

Blizzard employs 5000 people. Most of them never met this guy. In fact I don’t think he had anything to do with Overwatch at all.

Activation, business/pr, some suit non gamer higher up committee. The devs program, balance, test, build maps, create abilities, build maps, art polish etc - they don’t make decisions like these…

Well, the name is changing, so see ya.


Uh, see you later or whatever I guess. Far as I’m concerned though a sexual assaulter doesn’t deserve representation in anything positive, let alone a popular character in a game that’s well known. I think it’s a good change

The devs also create and name the characters, make all the art, the UI, the voicework, the menus, etc. I’m not gonna pretend to be knowledgeable about the internal side of Blizzard or game development, but you think this choice was made without even consulting the leading developers? As the community manager said,

It’s a lot of work to pile onto a team already maintaining and developing a game.

You call people radical when YOU say that you will stop playing the game if they just change one character’s name… Funny.


this is a strange hill to choose to die on.


I mean i dont agree with the name change but i dont think its worth announcing it on the forums like this.




Going to miss his name but changing it is pretty silly.

Door is that way, don’t let it hit you on the way out.

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I suppose the quality of the play will go up if those playing “for the lore” leave.

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Let’s change his name to Whiney McCriesALot to honor the people who are ready to quit the game over a name/lore change.

I mean, minimal new content over the past year, busted cheat detection, a CRAZY long development cycle for a sequel that’s really more of an add-on, poor communication with players, all while groping the employees that they don’t plan to promote…

But yeah it’s the name change that makes you want to quit. “dEy ChAnGeD hIz NaYmE!”

It’s actually brilliant. Anyone who stops playing Overwatch should be commended.

I’m gonna miss… mccree’s name… but at the same time, it’s a good change considering… all of the bad stuff happening with the company.

I’m fine with a new name…

Apparently, a considerable amount of his happiness and fulfillment as an individual hinges on the pixels that represent that character being named “McCree.” If that changes, the best move for him, emotionally, is to move on. And much like the cowboy formerly named McCree himself, he will mosey his way forward new adventures.

And complain about them.

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~ Enters Mao and Stalin “Are we a joke to you!?” xD

This was the straw. I agree. The character at this juncture has nothing to do with the developer. They’re just drawing parallels to get rid of him and satiate shallow minded people into thinking this did ANYTHING. I’ve played since beta, I was already planning to quit with OW2 changes (losing 1 on a 6 team is BLEGH and will unbalance the arcade mode further). So instead of actually working on anything of substance or figure out how they’re going to address their blatant internal issues in the company to get rid of all the scumbags abusing women, they change a fictional character’s name. That is dumb. I’m so just DONE with this company and their vapid and shallow gesturing. Censoring the diablo series while molesting and harassing people. I’ve played your games for over 20 years Blizzard. DONE!


I have been out for a few months now.

Love the game, just sick of the whiney pack of drama queens it seems to attract.