I would ask what are we doing with Sym next PTR

But I haven’t see Dev’s answering questions for awhile…

Unless next ptr is gonna focus on something else.

Even that though we had a lot done during last ptr(s)…

We didn’t have a rework done like Shatter Arrows to Storm Arrows in a while.

Thought we would be seeing something like that around this time.

I could see her survivability getting buffed. She is now the only CQB Hero that has 200 hp.


Clarify CQB please?

I assume Close Quarters “Builder”?..

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For some reason CQB stands for Close Quarters Combat. Don’t ask me why lmao.
Edit: I doubled down on my stupidity. It stands for battle oof.

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i think her clunky teleporter will get fixed slightly and her health will be increased, hopefully.

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Well to repeat what I think,

Increase her survivabilty by return Photon Barrier by

Instead of her summoning Flying Turrets.

Have her Summon Flying Barriers again

and when the Barriers hit a wall or a surface have then turn into Turrets.

And for Teleporter (and Shadow step)

Instead of having the placement of the Teleporter (and Shadow Step happens within line of sight.

Have it happen with a 3rd person perspective.

(Aka think of the placement working similar to DF’s Ult But Like Junkrat you are vulnerable during it.)

(It’s also has limits of course, like it’s on a short time limit and a cooldown to use it.)

But the pay off for Reaper and Sym would be greatly beneficial for skilled players.

(said this before here but no point right now to bump the date 🧞‍♀ 344 Days Since The Start of this post about Sym (4/10/18)(3/20/19))

But in the end it’s up to devs what should be done…

I just hope they say something soon…

they gonna make her glove gold innit

Just gonna point at I think that’s third time I posted that vid for this… Last time was ages ago.

I think they mentioned that they were looking into tp fixes for next PTR.

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Yeah but I am pretty sure TP fixes isn’t gonna cut it, TP and SS need a complete rework.

They are too “casul” (writer’s block) (would say “situational” but it’s just not just that)

I think Symm is fine personally. She just isn’t a character intended to be used all the time, and people really need to accept that.

It’s not that she can’t or shouldn’t be used in a variety of situations, just that one shouldn’t expect to do well if the enemy’s got your number. At that point, it’s just time to switch or face the challenge, which won’t be easy.

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Well yeah, I been viewing her for a long while now as a Unfinished Hero.

But I just kinda want them to “finish” someday.

Stop “Procrastinating”.

(I moved on to playing Mei because this took way too long.)