I won't buy OW2, will you?

I’ll buy it if they bring in guilds.

I don’t expect good team mates, I’m not good myself, but just want people that won’t feed their brains out or throw.

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You can own the game without Blizzard getting money from it, and without breaking any laws.

The only thing you can’t really do is stop from being tracked as a user playing, and that’s why video game companies try to collect money by boasting about how many people play their game. And they do everything to get you to play.

But that also gives you a way to support a game without actually spending money on it.

Overwatch 2 isn’t something I’ll purchase because I think Blizzard has done a pretty bad job as a company. But at the same time, I think PvE is the absolutely proper way for them to go with a game. If I get this game, I’ll get it second hand. I never purchased a gambling box for OW1 and won’t purchase the gambling boxes that will be in OW2 so I won’t have to worry about that, either.

If at some point Blizzard really becomes a decent company again, I’ll start buying games from them directly again. I’ll never pre-order, that’s become a scam for suckers. But no good game is suddenly not worth playing 2 weeks later. Who knows? If Blizzard turns things around sometime after OW2, we’ll see.

But I’ll get OW 2 from someone who buys it and doesn’t want it anymore, if I want to buy it myself. Used games are the absolute best way to go when it comes to bad companies that say they are trying to do the right thing.

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Nope. Why would I buy the same game twice?


OW2 is an update to the game you play right now it doesn’t require purchase the only thing that’s optional to buy is the story

When ow2 comes out alllll overwatch clients will be updated and replaced with OW2s

There won’t be and Ow1 because they are they same client

Also sorry to hear that but hey don’t worry the update is free so that’s a plus :slight_smile:

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Yeah, why not? Your paying for the PVE and the updated graphics.