I won't buy OW2, will you?

I have four OW1 accounts, first of all.
I won’t buy OW2.
The competitive mode disappointed me and blizzard failed to fix it.
“As always, we appreciate all the feedback across the entire Overwatch community”(but do nothing on it…)


I will be buying the game. The new story missions look intriguing to me.

Why do you have 4 accounts if the game “disappoints” you? Don’t buy accounts if you don’t enjoy the game.


No, not a big fan of the lore or Blizzard’s storytelling. If it has more pvp maps, modes, and heroes, and with decent reviews, I might get it during a sale.


so I wont buy OW2 :slight_smile:
I believe buying account to reset my MMR, it works, my SR ranged from 2000 to 3500…stable. (and all sucks)

i have one account only and i will never buy anything from blizzard just disappointed


I’m buying it twice.


Yes, I will be. Probably get another 2000 hours. I’m not a competitive player, more like a mix of everything. But if you’re a competitive player only, I understand why you wouldn’t wanna buy it.

I will buy it for the PvE.

At least in PvE there won’t be any cheaters.

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It’s really just an expansion pack, and I love PVE. I’ll buy it. I’ll keep playing OW1 too, it’s the best designed game on the market. It’s just a shame it’s not maintained as well as it’s designed, a little effort into combating cheating and smurfing could go a long way.


I’m buying a copy every day until I can no longer afford to buy food

I’ll get it if it looks good after a month or two.
If it’s simply play the same pve missions ad nauseam I’m not interested though. Cyberpunk will hopefully be out by then.

It’s like a cod campaign mode used to be, they put in some work and story made cutscenes and I enjoyed playing it, but I never played it more than twice.

I only am because I want to see how the pve side works out. If comp mode basically stays as is then it just means more Valorant for me. But, I do find the whole pve mode interesting. Not sure if it will be good or not but willing to try it out.

I will. PVE looks cool. (Have to buy OW2 for it)

As for the competitive pvp portion, I’m excited for graphical update, new hero models and new characters. But everyone who owns OW1 gets that for free.

I was never going to cause im not interested in pve & pvp gets all the new ui/maps/game modes anyway

You don’t need to buy the second game to get those things.

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I’ll only buy iverwatch 2 if widow gets a awesome skin there.

It’s really just a campaign expansion, they’ve said in the past people who have the first game will still get the new multiplayer content and will even get matches with players from both games. Just isn’t worth it unless you want those campaigns.

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I probably won’t buy it right away. I want to make sure OW1 users and OW2 users have 0 differences between each other in pvp. I know they aren’t supposed to, I know it’s really just a pve thing and I understand there are graphic updates… but it’s the doubt in me that it will remain equal across the board in pvp that makes me extremely hesitant.

Smart ppl won’t waste their $ on ow2

Got my season ruined earlier
I was finally managing to maintain Masters on my main and end up getting thrown agaisnt Samito on his UnRanKeD tO Gm Echo only account. Whivh really Sucked for me as I’m a Masters Junk OT being forced to play into a piece of trash playing at a rank lower than he belongs while playing a hard counter to my main.

I will most likely buy OW2

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