I won't buy OW2, will you?

Definitely. I’ve always wanted a campaign mode in Overwatch. And for $40, Overwatch has provided me many hundreds of hours of entertainment. It’s already worth my money.

I guess I’m not smart, but at least I’m entertained :sunglasses:

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I don’t care much about the PvE content, but it should be fun to check it out and see what they do with these characters.

I’m mostly interested in any changes to Comp, and i’m guessing they’ll have plenty but just haven’t announced them yet.

Four accounts and were disappointed in competitive mode.

Maybe you shouldn’t have contributed to the problem of players having multiple accounts thus irrevocably ruining the matchmaker.

I’m definitely going to be buying Overwatch 2 as I’m keen for the PvE content, the new hero looks, and the promised resolution to the smurfing problem.

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I will. I want some story missions

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Not interested in PVE content and I haven’t heard anything to address all (or at least some of) the issues that plague the competitive aspect of the game so no I won’t be buying OW2.

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You already have lmao

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Then you own 4 ow2 accounts because it’s a free 2.0 update smh the only thing you can buy is PvE and thats optional

Role queue,looking for group,cc nerfs,hero pools,map reworks competitive open queue,communication wheel update,mei nerfs just to name a few of the many things blizzard have done that the community.was previously begging for :slight_smile:

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It’s free :slight_smile:

The only thing you can buy is story and that’s optional

Everything else is an update to the ow client you currently play

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i will, even though i dont care at all about the PVE stuff

Sweetheart it’s a 2.0 update not a separate game the ow1 client is the ow2 client so they won’t have any differences the only thing you CAN buy is PvE but that’s optional

Here I’ll get the quote there they confirm this

This means that on your ps4-5 Xbox one-series x and pc and switch the ow1 client will be updated to ow2

It is not a separate game

No, the last thing I care for is them to find another 4 ways to try and steal my money.

They have 4 different monetization in this game, that’s sad. More game monetization than map releases.

I still want to wait and make sure there will be no other differences. Tbh I think poorly of the whole OW2 thing to begin with, and likely won’t buy or possibly even play although that includes other reasons aside from how I feel about OW these days /digress

PVE focus and I can still play PVP on OW1?

Dunno who thought of this “Experiment” but I hope they have a pivot in mind if it collapses.

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I’m waiting until it hits bargain basement dumpster fire status. That way you can buy more accounts.

It won’t take long.

Once this virus makes it quite a good idea for businesses to invest in Omnics, then I think we will have Overwatch for reals.

Who will need the game when the real Overwatch will be Infinite FPS and 40k Resolution? Already got my Mccree hat and ready to roll, just need that handy dandy Flashbang.

I just don’t see anything in OW2 that interests me that won’t be in OW. The PVE stuff just looks like Archives on Rails:The Full Game Version.

I will, because at this point, only DPS will remain there. Blizzard doesnt care about Tanks & Healers. So if OW2 has everyone be DPS, or have that 3/2/1 comp around for a while at first, at least the game will be winnable for far more people.

And before anyone asks about the winnable part, OW2 has that one PvP mode.

We’ve said it already but if you look it up, the multiplayer will be the same across OW and OW2. Everyone will play the same competitive with all the new heroes and all the new maps and the new gamemode. Even the balance changes will be the same for both, along with people who own either game being put in the same lobby.

If you’re buying OW2 for a multiplayer “update” you’re wasting your money, the only exclusive content will be the campaigns.

I’ll play the Campaign mode too, but let’s be real, Blizzard will abandon OW1 eventually. If they do that slowly, then I can imagine that 3/2/1 comp being around for the time being. In fact, I hope all those “Its just QP/Arcade”, “Its jusr a game”, “Im practicing” bastards stay on OW1. Then matchmaking in OW2 wont be so one-sided all the time.

OW1 isnt fun anymore(unless you’re a DPS main). I dont see the point of sticking with it when OW2 releases.

If they do separate the games, then I’ll buy the second one. It’ll be cheaper by then and there will be plenty of opportunities for sales. Otherwise, unless there’s a good sale I won’t bother.